High-Speed Product Roundup for July 20, 2016

By News Release | July 20, 2016

Looking for a high-speed solution for any number of applications? We’ve gathered the latest products from your favorite suppliers in one roundup to make your decision easier.



High-Speed Product Roundup

Weidmuller RJ45 connectorsWeidmuller introduced a line of RJ45 Ethernet connectors that are the only two-piece Ethernet connectors that do not require any cable stripping or crimping for truly tool-free installation. The only tool needed for termination is a knife or cutting tool to remove the cable’s outer jacket and cut the conductors to length. The RJ45 Ethernet connectors also feature built-in strain relief and full shielding for each cable assembly. Fully functional, they can terminate four to eight wires. Full eight-wire termination of 22 – 26AWG conductors results in an industry-leading rating of 10GIG performance, in addition to 10/100 and GigE. Each connector comes with an easy-to-read color wire diagram so technicians can quickly wire the connector for TIA-A and TIA-B and Profinet wiring types. They are designed to work with Weidmuller’s modular line of STEADYTEC housings and bulkheads for instant IP67 protection in both coupling and through-panel access.

Samtec Z-RaySamtec
expanded its family of Z-Ray micro-pitch interposers to include an ultra low-profile cable system for high-speed cable-to-board applications where space is limited. The 0.80mm-pitch system, with an overall height of less than 4mm, features a mating compression-mount interposer and a rugged metal cage. The Z-Ray ultra low-profile cable assembly (ZRDP Series) features 34AWG Eye Speed low-skew twinax ribbon cable with eight or 16 pairs, 100Ω differential signal routing, and various end-two options. With an FR4 core and beryllium copper microformed dual-compression contact system, the mating interposer (ZCI Series) is available in two sizes to accommodate the cable pair count. The rugged metal cage (ZCC Series) provides secure mating between the cable and interposer, as well as compression of the interposers’ contacts to the board. Metal screws and weld tabs (through-hole or surface-mount) increase stability on the board.

Radiall SMPMRadiall has expanded its comprehensive range of SMPM connector solutions for high-speed data transmission. The new SMPM has been designed to meet the OIF-PMQ-TX-01.1 specifications for PM-Q modulator-compliant interfaces. This product meets all necessary mechanical and electrical specifications and can support 40G/100G long-haul DWDM transponders. Radiall’s SMPM is fully compatible with products standardized by the OIF for high-speed I/O on MUX, modulator drivers, and modulators. Specification-compliant products include 2+2 SMPM and 4 SMPM ganged connector solutions. To meet customers’ specific needs, Radiall can provide custom configurations and mating solutions including ganged connector modules or cable assemblies.

Omnetics Nano Circular connectorsOmnetics Connector Corporation has added a high-speed interconnect option to its family of nanominiature circulars. When mated, Omnetics IP68 USB 3.0 Nano Circular connectors are as small as 1.975″ protruding from a panel and can be easily mated in the field with one hand (gloved or bare). This new interconnect solution also allows for blind mateability, providing a polarized insulator as well as keying options built into the construction of the shell to aid in the mating process. This USB solution is the smallest of its kind and second to none in terms of overall ruggedness and reliability. Omnetics USB 3.0 Nano Circular allows for 5Gb/s SuperSpeed in a pin-and-socket form factor and features a flat-black polyurethane overmold that paves the way for an IP68 seal; it also provides more than 2,000 mating cycles. With SWaP (size, weight, and power) concerns on the rise, these small circular connectors are capable of transmitting USB and HDMI speeds in the footprint of a thumbtack. This new connector option offers users the ruggedness and sheer reliability they’ve come to expect with the likes of a MIL-DTL-38999 type of connector in a smaller package and with an IP68 rating.

ODU-MAC HDMI high-speed connectorsODU expanded its ODU-MAC portfolio with HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0. With a service life of at least 5,000 mating cycles, the products guarantee the rapid, reliable, and loss-free transmission of signals and data. With a total of 30 different data technology variations, which include CAT 6A modules, they excel in high-speed data rates as well. In addition to the shielded implementation, ODU will supply, on demand, the interface cable for a one-stop complete connector solution. The new modules, which are available as a 10-pin USB version and 16-pin HDMI version, meet the constantly growing requirements from the industrial sector.

Murrelektronik X-coded M12 cordsetsMurrelektronik’s X-coded M12 cordsets are the solution for error-free, high-speed data transfer at speeds of up to 10Gb/s. A metal cross (X-shaped) in the connector safely separates the four data pairs from each other while the internal shielding protects the cable from external interference. The combination of X-coded M12 connectors with highly resistant PUR cables equals a cordset designed for industrial applications. Features include 10Gb/s transfer rate according to CAT 6A; 360-degree shielding end to end; a soldered shield connection between the cable and connectors; and an IP65/67 rating.


molex-usb-type-c-receptaclesMouser Electronics now stocks USB Type-C solutions from Molex. These new space-saving receptacles and plugs – as well as cable options – provide data, power, and audio/video connectivity and transmission in a single solution. The connectors are fully compliant with USB Type-C specifications and are designed to be small enough for handheld devices, yet robust enough for automotive and industrial applications. The Molex USB Type-C connectors feature a reversible mating interface designed to accept a plug in any direction, enabling easy, reliable mating. The connectors support a variety of protocols and, with the use of adapters, are backward-compatible to HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and other types of connections from the single USB Type-C port. The connectors support scalable power charging, delivering up to 5A (3A max for the cables), and meet USB 3.1 protocols, giving them high throughput speeds up to 10Gb/s plus backward-compatibility with USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2, as well as USB 2.0.

Molex Nano Pitch Circuit InterconnectsMolex’s Nano-Pitch I/O 80-Circuit Interconnect System offers the highest port density (number of high-speed differential lanes) and speed (25Gb/s per lane) in the smallest package available. A multi-protocol pinout concept enables compatibility with all known SAS, SATA, and PCIe protocols and provides enhanced signal integrity in an extremely compact form factor. The connector is ideal for SAS and PCI Express applications, including storage-to-controller, server-to-server, server-to-switch, switch-to-switch, and mobile/enterprise. The system’s flexible pinout concept (continuous ground-signal-signal-ground) optimizes it for high-speed applications and maximizes the number of high-speed lanes within the lengths provided. Eight lanes (80 circuits) are available per industry standard. The system’s small form factor (5mm × 23mm × 9mm) and a 12mm mated connector-to-cable-assembly height for right-angle cable exit allow it to service mobile devices through enterprise applications. Staggered, reliable, and constant dual-row contact configuration delivers hot pluggability. Also, the connector provides optimal routing for high-speed trace connections while reducing the need for PCB real estate.

Meritec Hercules InterconnectMeritec’s Hercules Interconnect System, the product of choice for the VITA 76.0 standard, is now an approved standard of the working group committee and recommended by VSO (VITA Standards Organization) with ANSI approval as a new connector standard. VITA 76.0 (Ruggedized 10 Gbaud Bulkhead Connector for Cu and AOC Cables) supports both copper and active optic cabling to 10 Gbaud data rates. Packaged within rugged military-quality shell-work, Hercules has been industry-proven as a rugged, high-bandwidth copper interconnect system over the past five years in countless commercial and military applications. In the past year Meritec has added three new products to the Hercules line – the Hercules ARINC insert; the Hercules Board Interface, which enables the high-bandwidth interface between the Hercules bulkhead connector to be completed via a flex printed circuit; and a USB Type-C interface, which uses the rugged Hercules connector system embedded in the MIL-DTL-38999 shell.

LEMO CAT6 connectorsLEMO now offers Category 6A High-Speed Ethernet in the 2B, 2K, and 2T Series. The K and T Series are the perfect solutions for products that are specifically designed to work in harsh/outdoor environments with extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibration. The transmission performance meets CAT 6A specifications up to 500MHz for 10GbE.



JonHon high-speed PC board connectorThe Jonhon GF3A high-speed/high-density PC board connector offers a new contact structure, which, through multi-cavity contact, prevents short-pile effect, reduces insertion loss, and improves transmission ability. Applied in a high-speed interconnect system, the connector transmission rate reaches 25Gb/s while loop transmission rate reaches from 15Gb/s to around 20Gb/s. The GF3A also provides a unique ground-mode resonance shield transmission structure that ensures better transmission impedance control to reduce crosstalk. Shielding up is located at one side of the signal pins; the grounding pin is between differential pins; the shielding clip is machined into the contact with the grounding pins; and then forms a tri-seal shielding structure. The contact layout density is the highest of available 25Gb/s products. It has 114 differential pairs per square inch; each differential pair covers a 3.6mm X 1.8mm area.

ITT Interconnect CIR M12 seriesThe CIR M12 Series from ITT Interconnect Solutions’ Veam brand comprises bayonet-coupling circular connectors for harsh-environment Ethernet communication applications. This high-speed connector solution, which supports communication speeds up to 10Gb/s, is a combination of M12 contacts mounted into Veam FRCIR connector series hardware. The CIR M12 enables transfer of data from Ethernet, MVB, WTB, and video lines, according to VG95234, within the same connector. IP67-rated and delivering superior shielding performance, the series is available with a number of robust plating options such as Veam’s RoHS-compliant zinc nickel “Blue Generation Plating,” making it particularly suitable for harsh-environment applications such as rail and heavy construction equipment.

I-PEX NovastackI-PEX’s Novastack 35-HDP Board-to-FPC Connectors are designed with full 360-degree EMI shielding, an industry high. This full shielding helps designers avoid interference with signals that run through connectors, allowing for greater design flexibility. The high data-rate capability supports all of the new transmission standards, making the connectors ideal for applications with speeds up to 20Gb/s including USB-3.1, eDP HBR3, PCIe Gen 3 and 4, and Thunderbolt 3. Novastack 35-HDP Board-to-FPC Connectors can deliver high power with four sets of 2.2A power pins. Their low profile, at 0.35mm pitch and a 0.7mm mated height, enables electronics manufacturers to create slimmer devices.

Hirose FX23 SeriesHirose has developed a hybrid power-and-signal board-to-board connector that features high-speed transmission up to 8Gb/s and a highly reliable floating contact mechanism that simplifies assembly. The FX23 Series is designed for a wide range of high-speed applications. A member of Hirose’s FunctionMAX family of high-speed board-to-board connectors, the 0.5mm-pitch FX23 Series connector supports high-speed applications with a specialized contact structure that utilizes a ground contact between adjacent differential pairs to reduce crosstalk. In addition, this contact structure provides superior impedance matching, even with short rise times. The connector’s floating design offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating, allowing the board-to-board connector to absorb alignment errors up to ±0.6mm in X and Y axis directions. By self-centering in both the X and Y directions, the floating structure eliminates mechanical stress at the SMT leads. This unique floating contact structure is particularly convenient when mating multiple connectors on the same printed circuit board, saving significant assembly time and costs.

Fischer USB 3.0 Rugged Flash DriveFischer Connectors launched the USB 3.0 version of its ultra-portable, miniature, lightweight, and extremely tough Fischer Rugged Flash Drive. This memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments. The USB 3.0 Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is even faster, smaller, and more user-friendly than the USB 2.0 product introduced to the market in 2011. The read speed is now up to five times faster; standard memory sizes are 32, 64, or 128GB; the body is shorter; and, in order to guarantee secure access, it is now available not only with the Fischer UltiMate Series interface, but also with the Fischer MiniMax Series interface. The activity LED is an additional feature of the new product that improves usability. The size of a key ring, it is IP68-sealed even when unmated, and it resists corrosion, vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures.

COAX Connectors KORUS SeriesCOAX Connectors continues to expand its high-performing KORUS range of true 75-ohm BNC connectors, with more 12G variants being added all the time. Whether you are looking for a 12G connector for one of the smaller standard cables such as RG179 or for one of the larger broadcast-specific cables, COAX now has a wide range of connectors from which to choose. The KORUS range, which features cable and board-mount connectors and adaptors, has been developed by COAX for use in broadcast applications where high-speed data transmission and low return loss are critical for picture quality. All of COAX’s 12G KORUS connectors have been tested in accordance with the latest SMPTE 2082-1 standard for 12G-SDI broadcast video, making them suitable for use at frequencies of 12GHz.

Binder M12 X-Coded seriesBinder has expanded its M12 X-coded product family with new receptacles, cordsets, and feed-through connectors. The X-coded products meet CAT 6A specifications with data transmission rates up to 10Gb/s. These high-speed connectors are designed for industrial communications and networks, video surveillance, and other applications that require a fast, reliable Ethernet connection. The M12 X-coded products now include male and female receptacles with dip-solder angled contacts. This allows more versatility when designing panels and mounting the connector to a board. The product family also has a male-to-female jumper cordset in addition to the existing male-to-male cordset. Lastly, a new feed-through connector is available for when a pass-through-panel solution is required. The M12 CAT 6A connectors have eight contacts and conform to DIN IEC 61076-2-109. Each connection supports up to 10Gb/s, 0.5A rated current, and 60V rated voltage. When fully mated the connection is IP67-rated to ensure protection from liquids and foreign objects.

AirBorn verSI seriesAirBorn’s verSI open pin-field connector line is designed to exceed requirements of high-speed 100Ω and 85Ω differential signal integrity applications. The AirBorn verSI product family delivers flexibility in design by offering vertical board mount, right-angle board mount, cable I/O, and flex-circuit mounting with 40 to 500 contacts. verSI’s socket contact features four redundant points of contact, making it ultra-reliable in mission-critical applications. Vertical board-mount plugs and mating vertical receptacles also support board-to-board stacking applications. The standard offering for board spacing ranges from 8mm to 25mm with ability to tool incremental ranges to fit any application. EMI hoods are available for best-in-class ruggedness and durability. Bolt-down pads allow for superior robustness and worry-free mating and un-mating. The AirBorn verSI offers several board termination types including paste-in-hole, through-hole, and compliant-pin press-fit technology – eliminating the need for costly X-ray inspection. verSI is a MIL-DTL-83513-squalified contact system.

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