2016 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers: Identifying the Top 10 – It’s Harder Then You Think

For decades, Bishop & Associates has evaluated the connector industry to pinpoint the top companies. That list changes, however, depending on what factors you are measuring. Here’s how we come up with our rankings. 2016 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers Design engineers and purchasing personnel want to use the best connector companies for their design and purchasing requirements. Bishop & AssociatesRead More

2016 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers by Sales

The top 10 connector manufacturers, as a group, achieved $32 billion in annual sales in 2016, or 59.8% of world connector demand. The following table identifies the top 10 as defined by total world connector sales. Table 1 (above) reveals some interesting trends: The top four connector manufacturers are all US-based companies: TE Connectivity #1,Read More

IDT, SKEDD combined to bring many benefits

Connector Supplier interviewed Ulrich Schmidt, Managing Director of Lumberg Group and Member of the Shareholder Family, on the company’s plans for combining IDT and SKEDD technology.   Lumberg, based in Schalksmuehle, Germany, plans to start production of SKEDD connectors that use IDT this year (2017). What made Lumberg decide to sign the license agreement forRead More

Trends to improve speed, size and pricing continue

Connector makers upgraded lines, extended product families and unveiled new interfaces to meet customer demands for increased circuit density and higher data rates.   2016 Connector Trends In a continuation of trends we’ve seen for several years now, a host of faster, smaller, and more affordable electronic components propelled the connector industry forward in 2016. ConnectorRead More

A Decade of Change for TE Connectivity Corporation

Thomas Lynch led TE Connectivity for 11 years, making major strides in production while boosting its role in products for harsh environments.   Terrence Curtin, board member and president of TE Connectivity, will succeed Thomas J. Lynch as the company’s new CEO, effective March 9, 2017. Lynch, current chairman of the board and CEO, willRead More

Optical Links Move Inside the Box

Fiber has traditionally been the go-to solution for long-distance, high-speed communication links. Fiber optic cable offers huge advantages of bandwidth, low attenuation, and reduced size and weight to transmit hundreds of data channels over a single glass fiber. Look to these suppliers for the products you need.   Fiber Optic Cable Fiber has traditionally beenRead More

Seven Essentials for Rugged Connectors in IoT

The use of measuring devices to monitor and control processes is critical to the smooth operation of large systems, and it is an integral part of the future of the Internet of Things. Considerations include fiber optics, IP ratings, connector materials, and more.   Seven Essentials for Rugged Connectors in Instrumentation Applications The use ofRead More

Oil, Gas, and Energy Interconnect Product Roundup

Interconnects for oil, gas, and energy use must meet a variety of unique requirements that often call for the strictest standards. In this week’s product roundup, we’ve collected some of the most innovative connections from your favorite suppliers.   Oil, Gas, and Energy Interconnect Product Roundup Omnetics Connector Corporation’s rugged high-temperature connectors and wire harnessRead More

Growth of the Connected Home

The connected home is a rapidly emerging market and platform for products and innovations. Whether you call it the connected home, smart home or home automation, it is a hub of activity for connectivity and sensor solutions. While mainstream adoption may still be years away, we know this market is poised for growth. It representsRead More

Interconnect News: November 2016

Stay up to date on the latest announcements from your favorite interconnect suppliers.   Interconnect News ECIA has announced the winner of the inaugural ECIA North Star Award, the association’s highest leadership honor. Michael Knight of TTI Inc., a leading IP&E distributor, is the first individual to be recognized by this new award. Knight joined the industry inRead More

Powering the Industrial Internet of Things

Industries that require precision placement of components, such as automation, are benefiting from the growing number of deployed sensors and from the insights generated from the data they produce. But is the IIoT factory floor ready to handle the potential security risk?   In manufacturing, early identification of process or product variance allows early correction,Read More

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