Testing Equipment & Accessories Product Roundup

By AJ Born | June 08, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights testing equipment and accessories, including spring pins and pogo pins, from leading suppliers.

Testing Equipment & Accessories 

Allied Electronics offers an extensive range of board test fixture probes and receptacles from Smiths InterconnectAllied Electronics & Automation offers an extensive range of board test fixture probes and receptacles from Smiths Interconnect.  With over 60 different probe series, including standard board test fixture probes as well as specialty test probes, Smiths Interconnect provides a full portfolio designed for general purpose test on bare boards, loaded printed circuit boards, surface mount assemblies, and other forms of test.



Rosenberger spring-loaded contactsRosenberger offers a selection of spring-loaded contacts (SLC) and other products for use in test and measurement applications, including high-temperature connectors, high-mating cycle products, high-speed data connectors, sensor cables and connectors, and power supply and data connectors.


Samtec BullsEye test point systemsSamtec’s Bulls Eye test point systems are ideal for high-performance test applications because of their compression interfaces, small footprint, and high cycle count capabilities. Bulls Eye is now available in 70 GHz, 50 GHz, and 20 GHz designs. The grid design and smaller footprint enables smaller evaluation boards and shorter trace lengths. The high-density array design significantly saves PCB space compared to traditional test points. The compression interface to the board provides easy on/off and eliminates soldering costs. The contacts are designed for high cycle counts, and replacement components are easy to order.


Ironwood SBT socketsIronwood Electronics’ SBT sockets are small footprint sockets that are compatible with other product lines such as GHz elastomer sockets and giga-spring sockets. The socket needs about 2.5mm extra space around the chip, utilizing only a very small amount of PCB real estate. A heat sink screw on the top provides the compression force as well as thermal relief and can be customized to dissipate more power. The SBT socket uses SBT contact technology for high endurance and wide temperature applications. SBT Contact is a stamped contact with outside spring as well as inside leaf spring that provides a robust solution for burn-in and test applications.


Newark NGA100 Rohde & Schwarz power supply seriesNewark offers the new NGA100 power supply series, part of the Essentials Portfolio, from Rohde & Schwarz. With intuitive manual control and simple computer-controlled operation, the NGA100 series can be used as a bench supply for R&D, product test, repair and education, or in racks for manufacturing test systems. The new generation NGA100 series is based on a stable output, low noise, linear topology housed in a compact footprint and is quiet in operation. It provides excellent readback accuracy and has a low current range with multiple sleep modes for completing demanding measurements required by IoT devices. Advanced protection functions ensure connected devices and the power supply remain safe. The channel fusion feature extends voltage and current ranges by allowing the isolated outputs to be connected in series for higher voltages or in parallel for higher output currents.


FairviewM Voltage controlled oscillatorFairview Microwave Inc. has introduced two new products for test and measurement applications. A new line of voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) is designed to address a wide range of SATCOM, electronic warfare, VSAT, ECM, radar, and test and measurement applications. The new series of coaxial packaged VCOs includes 15 models that cover broad frequency bands and exhibit excellent tuning linearity, phase noise, and harmonic suppression performance. They are useful as signal sources in phase-locked loop circuits, frequency synthesizers, and function generators, and are ideal for signal conversion applications in transceiver circuits, and test and measurement. SPDT electromechanical relay switches include six models with popular latching actuators in micro-size surface-mount packages. They deliver impressive performance with very low insertion loss, high isolation, and excellent repeatability. Model frequency bands cover DC to 8 GHz, DC to 18 GHz, and DC to 26 GHz with 12 VDC & 24 VDC operating voltage options.

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