Product News for March 28, 2016

By News Release | March 28, 2016

The latest product announcements for March 28, 2016, cover the breadth of applications from broadcast to wireless access points to electric cars.

Artos Engineering launched the PF-11 light-wire prefeeder. Designed for maximum productivity even at high speeds, it provides superior tangle-free feeds of small-gauge loose-coil wire up to 5.5mm (.22 inch) in diameter. The PF-11 prefeeder is easy to load, offers minimal changeover time, and is even easier to program using a touch-screen panel to adjust the feed rate. The PF-11 includes an adaptive feeding system that handles up to 10m/sec (1968 ft/min) to ensure a constant, undisturbed wire supply that virtually eliminates wire misfeeds and length variations.

Belden BAT450Belden debuted its latest solution for deploying industrial wireless networks – the BAT450-F Industrial Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Point family. The devices can be mounted anywhere, such as on masts or on walls, which make them ideal for environments where space is at a premium. The ruggedized design of the BAT450-F withstands harsh industrial environments, while maintaining the modular and compact size needed in many industrial network scenarios. The wireless access points are also versatile and flexible, which enables network managers to use them as access clients or access points operating as a router or a bridge. Plus, they offer Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), WLAN, and Ethernet interfaces to fit individual network needs.

Conec IP67CONEC has extended its range of bayonet-locking IP67 connectors with a new power connector variant in addition to data and bus connectors. The connector series is designed for industrial cable connections with IP67 protection, and the bayonet locking allows a quick, simple, and robust connection in harsh environments. Two- and three-position versions are available; the two-position version is designed mainly for DC use up to a maximum 48VDC and the three-position version utilizes a premating contact for AC up to a maximum of 250VAC with protective earth contact.

GTK Displayport connectorGTK now offers a wide variety of custom DisplayPort cable assemblies to meet individual customer requirements. Cable assemblies are manufactured to customer requirements and can include corporate colors and logos. All cable assemblies are compliant to the VESA standard, are hot-pluggable, and include a latching feature to ensure a robust connection. Adaptor cable assemblies can be supplied for connection to DVI, HDMI, or VGA interfaces.

HARTING mode 3 charging cablesHARTING recently introduced its rapid-charging technology at the Geneva Motor Show on Rinspeed AG’s Etos concept car. HARTING Automotive has developed charging equipment for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which includes mode 2 charging cables, mode 3 charging cables, and DC rapid charging plugs with approval and certification for all specific markets that meet legal requirements worldwide. HARTING vehicle charging cables are available in all three plug-system versions used worldwide.

Hitaltech CONEXHitaltech’s Conex-it range now includes a complete range of PCB-mounted spring-clamp terminal blocks and connectors suitable for varying electronics applications. Available from two to 24 ways across a complete range of pitches, the Conex-it range of screwless terminal blocks and connectors suit applications where traditional terminal blocks have been used. Applications for these blocks include lighting control, HVAC, security, and building automation. There is a significant reduction in installation time as well as the ability to use terminal blocks and connectors on a smaller pitch where space is at a premium. Made from UL94-V0 material, the Conex-it range is rated from 2A up to 57A and is available across a range of vertical, horizontal, and angled connections.

Mill-Max terminalsMill-Max announced a new addition to its family of spring-pin mating products. This low-profile, SMT disc-shaped terminal is perfect for applications where vertical space is at a premium. The new 1578-3-57-15-00-00-03-0 SMT disc is .078″ (1.98mm) in diameter and only .055″ +/-.002″ (1.4mm +/- 0.0508 mm) tall. Mill-Max is able to achieve flat surfaces on both sides of the disc with virtually no burrs. The flat surfaces are ideal for surface-mount soldering and as the conductive mating surface for spring-loaded pins and connectors as well as test probes.

Molex SST DN4Molex expanded its line of interface solutions with the introduction of SST DN4 DeviceNet PCIe Network Interface Cards (NICs). Utilizing a single-source manufacturing process for hardware and software, the PCIe NICs deliver outstanding reliability and performance. Applications for SST DN4 DeviceNet PCIe NICs include automotive and semiconductor automation devices and material handling equipment. The integration of master and slave operations on a single, half-height card with very low power requirements creates control and design flexibility. The PCIe NICs scan DeviceNet signals in three to five milliseconds, enabling real-time control. By combining master and slave functions, those operations can be executed simultaneously, enabling control schemes that require multiple functions. The combination also reduces customer NIC inventory requirements.

LEMO camera cablesNorthwire, in collaboration with LEMO, expands its field-proven family of broadcast solutions with the addition of a new range of ruggedized fiber-optic hybrid HDTV SMPTE camera cables. Well-known in the high-tech broadcast marketplace, LEMO’s suite of products, including the SMPTE 3K.93C Series, media converters, and its families of push-pull connectors add PUR (polyurethane), HFFR (halogen-free flame-retardant), LSZH (low-smoke zero-halogen), cold/low temperature, and Steadicam HD cable products to its offering.

ODU MAC connectorsODU has developed a strain-relief housing for the ODU-MAC, an add-on solution created specifically to meet the demands of ODU-MAC interfaces. The new housing, which protects the termination area against harsh environmental conditions such as blows, dirt, and liquids (IP 50 minimum), also offers optimal strain relief for the cables. Correct assembly is even simpler with this add-on product: The aluminum housing allows for individual strain relief and the affixing of additional circuit boards and component parts in the protected interior. A feedthrough ground connection is also available.

Samtec has released the Channelyzer, an online full-channel simulation and analysis tool, which enables engineers to optimize their high-speed serial data channel by delivering performance data and optimization strategies within 24 hours. Leveraging user-defined system inputs, this easy-to-use tool provides the necessary data to reinforce channel confidence. Channelyzer simplifies the modeling of the high-speed serial data channel in board-to-board applications. Users can select mated connector pairs from 29 Samtec product families while defining PCB material, trace type and length, package models, and transceiver details. Future applications supported by Channelyzer will include connector-only, backplane applications, and cable assemblies.

TE fiber optic connectorsTE Connectivity announced the launch of MC801 fiber optical connectors. This product supports numerous high-speed protocols, offering low insertion loss across multiple connector breaks, through the use of physical contact optical technology. The increasing demand for secure high-speed data and signal transfer communication within the aerospace and defense industries is expected to be the key growth factor for the fiber optics market. ARINC 801 is an industry standard optical connector and terminus specification that has become the preferred solution for physical contact optics across multiple applications. Target markets of the TE MC801 product include commercial aerospace, military aerospace, ground vehicles and soldier systems, and C5ISR (command, control, communications, computers, combat systems, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance). Product applications include in-flight entertainment, radar, naval upgrades, communications, munitions, unmanned aerial vehicles, inflight networks and Ethernet switches. The connector is a multi-sourced product that is protocol-independent, secure, and utilizes standard MIL-DTL-38999 shells.



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