Updated: January 5th, 2021

The latest product announcements for March 28, 2016, cover the breadth of applications from broadcast to wireless access points to electric cars.

Artos Engineering launched the PF-11 light-wire prefeeder. Designed for maximum productivity even at high speeds, it provides superior tangle-free feeds of small-gauge loose-coil wire up to 5.5mm (.22 inch) in diameter. The PF-11 prefeeder is easy to load, offers minimal changeover time, and is even easier to program using a touch-screen panel to adjust the feed rate. The PF-11 includes an adaptive feeding system that handles up to 10m/sec (1968 ft/min) to ensure a constant, undisturbed wire supply that virtually eliminates wire misfeeds and length variations.

Belden BAT450Belden debuted its latest solution for deploying industrial wireless networks – the BAT450-F Industrial Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) Access Point family. The devices can be mounted anywhere, such as on masts or on walls, which make the