2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook

By Christine Stieglitz | March 31, 2020

Our new 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook features 16 technical, tutorial articles by leading interconnect authorities that address new challenges for electronics exposed to extreme environments, new connectivity technologies developed to surmount them, and best practices for connector specification and design-in. It also features a collection of 60 ruggedized connector products from 38 suppliers with proven experience in harsh-environment interconnect engineering for industrial, mil/aero, and transportation market applications.

Welcome to our first eBook of 2020, which once again addresses the topic of harsh-environment connectivity. Our 2018 Harsh-Environment eBook was one of our most popular eBooks yet and understandably so, as electronics are broadly being subjected to ever-harsher operating environments as constant connectivity demands continue to expand into new market and application areas. The connectorization of civilization isn’t just afoot, it’s well established and rapidly expanding — adding rich digital layers to our physical spaces. Connectivity components ranging from connectors and cable assemblies to sensors and antennas are being integrated with technologies including radar, LIDAR, RFID, Bluetooth, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to imbue a continually expanding collection of things — spanning cars, planes, and rail systems to the factories they’re built in and cities and houses to the people who inhabit them — with enhanced capabilities, expanded functionality, greater intelligence, higher efficiency, improved safety, lower risk, cost savings, and a growing list of other advantages.

In our new 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook, 16 suppliers with proven experience in harsh-environment interconnect solutions share their unique insights into new and expanding application areas for connectivity components. Articles address the various challenges these applications pose in terms of environmental hazards and characteristics including size, weight, and power (SWaP) and standards compliance, as well as best practices for specifying and integrating connectors and new connector products designed to ease installation and ensure optimal performance in even the most severe environments — from the outer reaches of space to the depths of our oceans. In addition to in-depth technical insights and tutorials, our 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook features 60 ruggedized connector products engineered to enable the safe, secure, and reliable transmission of power, signal, data, and other media in harsh-environment applications across the industrial, military, aerospace, marine, transportation, oil and gas, automotive, networking, telecommunications, and medical markets.

Contributors include AirBorn, Amphenol Pcd, Avnet, Cinch Connectivity Solutions, COAX Connectors, ERNI, Fischer Connectors, HARTING, Heilind Electronics, ITT Cannon, Kensington Electronics, Mouser Electronics, PEI-Genesis, Phoenix Contact, Radiall, SOS Engineering, TE Connectivity, TTI, Inc., Yokowo America Corporation, Amphenol ICC, AVX Corporation, Bulgin, I-PEX Connectors, Interstate Connecting Components (ICC), JAE, METZ CONNECT, Mill-Max Mfg. Corp., Molex, Newark, NorComp, Plastronics, Positronic, Power & Signal Group, Rosenberger, RS Components, Siemon, Smiths Interconnect, and SV Microwave.

Our new 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook also features several new design elements that we hope you’ll enjoy and will make for both a visually engaging and informative reading experience. We’re so grateful to work with such influential members of the connector industry and to develop technical resources intended to enrich and further encourage the creative development of the multifaceted, increasingly imperative, undeniably interesting, and ever-expanding interconnect industry.

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