Interconnect News for February 19, 2016

By News Release | February 19, 2016

Interconnect news for February 19, 2016 features hot new product announcements to ensure speed and reliability.



 Connector Manufacturers’ Announcements

  • Aries Electronics named Enterprise Technology as its 2015 Representative of the Year. The award, accepted by Enterprise Technology President, Mark Keating, is based on overall, year-over-year percentage and dollar-growth sales data.

Distributor Announcements

  • Digi-Key unveiled io, a new website designed to help engineers transition from maker to market by providing them with useful tools, ideas, solutions, and information designed to help them successfully navigate the design phases spanning concept to production.
  • Digi-Key also extended its partnership with ARM University’s Education Kit Program, which provides students enrolled in design courses covering embedded systems, SoC development, and IoT technologies with ARM-based hardware, software, and teaching and training materials. The new kits will be on display at Embedded World 2016, which will take place February 23 – 25 in Nuremburg.
  • Mouser has inked a global distribution deal with Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. A subsidiary of the Bosch Group, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions capitalizes on the company’s expertise in microelectromechanical system (MEMS) sensors to integrate the small but powerful technology responsible for IoT connectivity into smart devices and solutions designed to extend IoT systems to an even wider range of applications.

Cable Assembly Announcements

  • Pasternack launched an improved version of its popular Cable Creator tool, which allows engineers to quickly and easily create custom RF cable assemblies from more than 1,300 connector types and 115 different coaxial cables. Now, users can build a product page featuring a custom part number, pricing, BOM datasheet, and assembly length; add the design to their shopping cart; have the product built and shipped the same day it’s ordered; and reuse the custom part number to reorder the same part in the future.

New Products

  • HARTING’s preLink end-to-end Ethernet connection technology, a quick and easy way to set up networks, is now available as an RJ45 connector face in a robust Han 3 A housing.
  • HARTING’s M12 Power connectors now feature a universal mating face with L-coding. At 63V/16A, the five-pin, L-coded M12 achieves 0.75kW of power in a smaller footprint than previous versions, making it ideal for small servo motors, field distribution boxes, field-bus-controlled I/O boxes, power supplies, and valve applications.
  • HARTING’s new PushPull V4 20-pin connectors, which feature a single cable for power and signal transmission to eliminate additional wiring and associated costs, can handle 2A per contact, which is enough to power various camera and sensor technologies.
  • TE introduced a new series of modular high-power pin-and-socket interconnects. Ideal for power systems and electrical hardware, including data communications applications, the new FORGE drawer power interconnects enable numerous configurations with current capacities spanning 3A to more than 1,000A.
  • Molex released the new Impel Plus Backplane Connector System. Featuring grounding tail aligners, smaller signal compliant pins, and a single-beam design, the new Impel Plus connectors improve insertion loss and push interface resonance frequency past 30GHz in telecom, networking, medical, aerospace, and defense applications.
  • Northwire, in collaboration with LEMO, released its second-generation BioCompatic II cable for applications ranging from healthcare to industrial. Featuring a soft, velvet-like durometer, the new cable provides a cost-effective alternative to silicone and USP Class VI cabling, eliminates the curing process, and offers enhanced resistance against chemicals, cuts, and abrasions.

Distributors Now Carry

  • Avnet now offers the complete ECS International line – which ranges from crystal and high-stability, oven-controlled oscillators to surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters suitable for handheld and wireless applications – to customers in its Americas and Asia regions.
  • CDM Electronics now carries Winchester Electronics’ comprehensive line of rack-and-panel and combination D-subminiature interconnects, which provide high-reliability solutions for a broad spectrum of commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications.
  • Mouser is now stocking Amphenol Industrial’s gray, zinc/nickel (ZnNi) circular connectors, which withstand harsh environments better than their cadmium-plated predecessors and are ideal for use in marine crafts, electric vehicles, industrial machinery and equipment, and power generation applications.

Trade Shows

  • TE is displaying its complete range of interconnect systems and sensor solutions for mission-critical aerospace and defense applications at the 2016 Singapore Air Show, which began February 16 and will conclude February 21.
  • The 2016 IPC APEX EXPO, which will take place March 15 – 17 in Las Vegas, will feature several new cabling and interconnect products, and associated design, troubleshooting, and standards development presentations.
  • Schleuniger will debut its new EcoStrip 9380 cut-and-strip machine, WireTwist 3300 D wire-twisting machine, S.RPM productivity tracking sensor, and wiring harness board conveyors at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee, Wis., May 11 – 12. There, Schleuniger will also demonstrate its award-winning CoaxCenter 6000 – the first and only fully automatic machine for processing micro-coaxial, coaxial, and single conductor wires – for the first time in the US, as well as preview its soon-to-be-released ShieldCut 8100 shielded cable processing tool.
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