July 2021 New Connectivity Products

By AJ Born | July 20, 2021

New connectivity products, including interconnects, wire, cable, and cable assemblies, sensors, antennas, materials, accessories, tools, and development kits.

July 2021 New Connectivity Products

July 2021 New Connectivity Products > Interconnects, etc.

METZ CONNECT M12 connector family expansionMETZ CONNECT has expanded the M12 product range to include A-code variants designed for all transmissions on the sensor and actuator level. Similar to the X- and D-code circuit board sockets, the A-code products are available as front wall and rear wall mounting, completely assembled, or as a kit. For use in an industrial environment, some variants meet the requirements of IP67 when not plugged in, so your device is leakproof even if no plug or protective cap is connected. The circuit board inserts are also available on tape on reel with a Kapton film as an assembly aid for high-volume device production and circuit board assembly. A significant advantage of this product family is that all PCB sockets and inserts (A-, D-, and X-code) have the same height and can be mixed on one PCB. In addition, the PCB sockets have a latching mechanism that holds them securely and reliably in the housing or flange, so no additional fixing is necessary.

Cinch SMP edge mount connectorsCinch Connectivity Solutions has expanded its ganged SMP edge-mount connectors in 2-port and 4-port configurations operating to 40 GHz. These high-density solutions incorporate 40 GHz SMP interfaces for superior RF connectivity. Ganged SMP connectors allow ease of design and mating of multiple connectors with a single connection in a snap-on interface. The design of the edge-mount connectors allows dense packaging of multiple connectors to support connecting two PCBs orthogonally in tight spaces. They are available in full detent, limited detent, and smooth bore configurations. Cinch’s ganged SMP edge-mount connectors are used in test & measurement, ATE system test boards, LAN routers and base stations, phased array radar systems, and microwave subsystems. They are distributed by Digi-Key Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Heilind Electronics, and Newark.

Rosenberger H-MTD connectors for vehicle network systemsDeveloped by Rosenberger, the differential high-speed data connector systems H-MTD, H-MTD+, and H-MTDe set new standards for future vehicle network systems. H-MTD connectors can be used for frequencies up to 20 GHz, guarantee high-data transmission rates of up to 56 Gb/s, and are characterized by savings in installation space and weight. Another key advantage is the modular design of the connector system, which flexibly enables a wide range of Ethernet applications and industrial protocols. The H-MTD product family is used in driver assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous driving applications, 4K cameras and displays, and infotainment applications.

Harwin Datamate and Gecko series connectorsHarwin now offers rear panel mount cable connectors for both its 2 mm-pitch Datamate and 1.25 mm-pitch Gecko high-reliability (Hi-Rel) series. These will complement the company’s existing front panel mount solutions, broadening the scope of how connector housings are attached to an enclosure or panel. The clear advantage of rear panel mount over front panel mount is that the bulk of the connector housing is located on the inside of the enclosure or panel. With just its mating face exposed, the connector is much better protected from the external environment. As a result, the risk of potential interconnect damage is low, and the overall design looks better aesthetically. Versions of Harwin’s Datamate J-Tek and Datamate Mix-Tek (combining power and data pins) connector products will be available with rear panel mounting jackscrews. These will be fitted to male cable connector housings. The more compact Gecko-SL and Gecko-MT products with rear panel mounting are fitted to both male and female cable connector housings. For all these products, contact counts of up to 50 per connector are supported. The new rear panel mount cable connectors utilize a proprietary fixing structure and feature extensions to each end. These allow a second hole to be accommodated for panel attachment.

Smiths Interconnect Hypergrip connector seriesSmiths Interconnect expanded its Hypergrip connector series for the medical market with the new Hypergrip Flex connectors, ideal for patient monitoring devices, electrosurgical and endoscopic tools, catheters, home healthcare, and portable therapeutic applications. The Hypergrip series has established a strong reputation of reliability, versatility, and ease-of-use. “Our advanced keying system allows customers to build connectors with six different keyed versions of the same standard connector, reducing lead time and inventory,” said Mark Kelleher, VP and general manager of the Connectors Business Unit at Smiths Interconnect. Hypergrip Flex is designed to meet medical industry requirements such as finger-proofing to IEC60601, flammability rated to UL94 V0, and compliance with most sterilization methods.

NorComp new VULCONTM M12 stainless setll circular connectorsNorComp’s new VULCONTM M12 stainless steel circular connectors deliver a dependable long-term solution designed to offer protection and corrosion resistance for extreme environments. Applications include industrial machinery, medical, energy, and food processing plants. These upgraded M12 connectors are multifaceted and easy to clean. VULCONTM M12 is available in pin counts ranging from 3 to 12 positions. Features include IP67/68 performance in both mated and unmated conditions; solder cup, vertical, and right angle board mount options; and cable mount in hybrid or stainless steel. It has up to 5 Amp contact rating / -40° to +85°C. A, D, X, and L codes are available. VULCONTM M1 is available as loose piece or as pre-made M12 cables.

Lutronic/Lumberg color-coded M12 panel mount connectorsLutronic, Lumberg’s sister company, launched its line of color-coded M12 panel mount connectors. The panel mount connectors are made of PA plastic in several bold colors. The A-coded male and female connectors, which have IP67 protection and are intended for front mounting in housings, open up new design options for device manufacturers. For the user, they clearly contribute to easy orientation to eliminate mismating during assembly. Male and female connectors in black are also available for rear panel mounting. As a special feature, all M12 panel mount connectors are pre-assembled with 500 mm stranded wires. Additional variants can be made available on request. With these new component types, Lutronic is addressing the needs for panel mount connectors used in measurement technology.

SCHURTER cord connectorsSCHURTER’s detachable cord connectors are particularly suited for small series builds with varying cable lengths and country-specific plugs that would otherwise require large order minimums. A protective cable guard with a diameter of 8.5 mm or 10 mm is supplied pre-assembled. The screw terminals accept cables with cross-sections between a minimum of 3 x 0.75 mm2/18 AWG (0.82 mm2) and a maximum of 3 x 1.5 mm2/14 AWG (2.08 mm2). IEC cord connectors, series 4782 (C13, 70 °C) and 4781 (C15, 120 °C), include gray, white, and black versions to distinguish multiphases in data centers. The white color option is also suited for medical applications where a more clinical aesthetic of the cord connector and inlet are preferred. The 4782 and 4781 are great additions to the already wide range of SCHURTER rewireable cord connectors, according to the new UL 60320 standard. No halogens are used in the cable guard or any other plastic components.

I-PEX EOMI-PEX is shipping sample quantities of a new embedded optical module (EOM) for active optical modules for internal optical cable connections. The EOM uses the silicon-photonics IC optical I/O core from AIO Core Co., Ltd. The I-PEX EOM is related to the I-PEX Embedded Optical Blade (EOB), an ultra-thin active optical module, which is still in development. While the EOB will have a built-in microprocessor in an ultra-thin package, the EOM omits the microprocessor to minimize the footprint. EOM has an extremely small footprint of 12 mm x 14 mm and transmits 100 Gb/s (25 Gb/s x 4 channels) over 300 m of multimode fiber cable. The optical cables are terminated with MT ferrules. By utilizing EOM, electrical-to-optical (E-to-O) and optical-to-electrical (O-to-E) conversion close to the processor is now available. This can dramatically decrease the signal loss that can occur in the copper trace between the processor and the edge of the board.

July 2021 New Connectivity Products > Wire, Cable, and Cable Assemblies

Stewart M12 XCodeStewart Connector has added M12 X-Code to free end cable assemblies to their M12 X-Code cable assembly offering, which are ideal for factory and industrial environments. The robust M12 X-Code to free end cable assemblies feature a TPE jacketed cable and an IP67 rated 8-pin male M12 X-Code plug that support up to Cat 6a performances. These assemblies are constructed using a shielded cable featuring a foil shield and a braid to protect against high-frequency noise commonly found on factory floors. The M12 X-Code to free end assemblies provide a reliable and high performing base for custom solutions in industrial environments that may require Modbus, Ethernet, PROFINET, and EtherCAT. The M12 X-Code to free end cable assemblies are perfect for designers and engineers that require unique cable end terminations while integrating a M12 X-Code product into their design project. Applications include industrial automation, sensor and power, alternative energy solutions, communications, and robotics. Distribution Electronics is available through Digi-Key Electronics, Mouser Electronics, Newark, and Heilind Electronics. 

July 2021 New Connectivity Products > Sensors and Antennas

Molex on metal wifi antenna at TTI IncTTI supplies the full range of Molex on-metal Wi-Fi antennas. The metal surface-mount antenna allows mounting directly on the metal surface without compromising RF performance. This antenna is an off-the-shelf 2.4GHz/5GHz external antenna and features 2.0W RF power, 50Ω impedance and 2.0dBi/5.5dBi peak gain. It has an omnidirectional radiation pattern, 300mm cable length, and linear polarization. It is used in a wide variety of applications, such as meters, connected home devices, and IoT devices used in smart factories and infrastructure. 

July 2021 New Connectivity Products > Connector Materials, Accessories, Tools, and Development Kits

Sager Electronics now stocks Vox Power’s VCCS300 series of conduction-cooled AC/DC power supplies. The silent 300W series produces continuous output power in a 2”x 4” x 1.61” package. The all-in-one solution can be cooled using conduction, convection, or forced air cooling techniques. The VCCS300 series is an ideal power solution for applications where high efficiency, rugged reliability, silent operation, and BF rating are factors. Offering voltages ranging from 12V to 58V, this product series produces power densities exceeding 23W/in3 with efficiencies up to 95% in a scalable power architecture.

Orion fans available at NewarkNewark, an Avnet company, has increased its range of AC, DC, and EC fans with the addition of Orion Fans to its linecard. Newark customers looking for high quality fans now have more options, including unique models designed for specific applications such as IP69K- and ATEX-rated fans for harsh and hazardous environments. With Orion Fans, Newark’s inventory now includes thermal cooling solutions for wider applications, including alternative energy, commercial refrigeration, food and beverage processing, marine, outdoor machinery, outdoor telecom systems, transportation, and more. OA109EC Series with 115/230V universal input for energy efficient thermal cooling is ideal for home application and features electronically protected EC motors. OA109EC-IP68-ATEX Series AC axial fans, designed to work perfectly for cooling electronic enclosures in oil and gas, chemical, and processing facilities, are sealed against liquids and dust up to IP68. They also feature an ATEX certified spark-free operation and are more energy efficient than traditional AC fans. OD1225-IP68 Series  DC axial fans, designed to work well for transportation and material handling equipment, feature IP68-rated seals against liquids and dust, include a brushless DC motor, are able to auto-restart, and are polarity-protected.

Heilind Rachet P ClampHeilind Electronics has introduced HellermannTyton’s in-line Ratchet P-Clamp to its portfolio of cable management products. Engineered for heavy-duty applications, it creatively solves wire bundling challenges in OEM, automotive, and solar installations. The HellermannTyton Ratchet P-Clamp features an adjustable ratchet clamp mechanism and is offered in five sizes with multiple mounting options. The innovative design helps to reduce parts, inventory costs, and labor costs. The construction of the Ratchet P-Clamp opens the way to a more efficient division of pre- and final assembly. Simply position and fix the opened Ratchet P-Clamp first, then fasten the bundle — or apply the clamp to the bundle first, then fasten it to the mounting point. The adjustable clamp is easy to close by hand to the precise diameter required. There is no slack and the rifling on the inside of the clamp automatically centers the bundle and minimizes the risk of pinching. The robust Ratchet P-Clamp can be used at operating temperatures between minus 40 degrees Celsius and plus 125° C (up to 150°C for 240 hours). The polyamide 6.6 plastic used is high impact-modified, as well as heat and UV stabilized. The zinc-plated stainless steel mounting plate is suitable for high torque.

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