Updated: August 23rd, 2021

Integrated connector modules (ICMs) are making it possible to build or upgrade networks to support the higher speeds and bandwidths of 5G and the higher volumes of data traffic that are coming with full implementation.

By Bel Magnetic Solutions

As the installation of 5G infrastructure continues to advance, more consumers are gaining access to the high speeds, low latencies, and abundant bandwidth promised with the fifth generation of mobile networks. In addition to improving the consumer experience for activities such as streaming video, the expansion of wireless connectivity opens up vast potential for business, urban infrastructure, and a fully connected society.

Designers are integrating Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into more devices to take advantage of 5G’s ability to facilitate smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities. This new proliferation of connected devices will continue to drive exponential growth rates of data. Processing and storing the associated huge volumes of data will have a tremendous impact on data center capacity and topology. End users, operators, and suppliers in the 5G ecosystem will depend on connector suppliers to provide the high-quality, reliable, efficient, and powerful components needed to adapt data networks.