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Facts & Figures: 2014 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers for Competitive Pricing

By Ron Bishop | October 06, 2014

The results of the 2014 Bishop & Associates US Customer Survey are in, and in this issue we reveal the 2014 top 10 connector manufacturers for competitive pricing.

Bishop & Associates just completed a customer survey that asked connector users to evaluate 46 connector manufacturers.

A total of 455 of your peers answered 20 questions relating to important issues such as quality, pricing, delivery, lead times, technical support, and more.

The distribution of responses by job function and sales channel is shown in the following table:

Distribution of Responses by Job Function and Sales Channel


Note: 43% of participants were engineers and 46% were OEMs.

The Top 10 Best for Competitive Pricing

Connector users were asked, “What is your level of satisfaction with price competitiveness?” Survey participants were asked to choose one of the following:

6 = Extremely satisfied
5 = Very satisfied
4 = Satisfied
3 = Dissatisfied
2 = Very dissatisfied
1 = Extremely dissatisfied

The following table identifies the top 10 companies that received the highest customer evaluations in price competitiveness.

Best in Price*


 (*6.000 = Highest possible score)

Quality, Delivery, Price

The three most important criteria for selecting a connector supplier are quality, delivery, and price. Companies that are good at all three have a distinct and measurable advantage over the competition.

The following table identifies the top 10 best in all three categories:

Top 10 in Quality, Delivery, Price: 2014 US Customer Survey


Five companies were awarded top 10 status in all three categories by customers: Samtec, Kycon, Phoenix Contact, 3M Electronics, and WAGO.

Ron Bishop, President, Bishop & Associates, Inc.

Ron Bishop
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