Mouser Teams Up with Celebrity Engineer Grant Imahara

By News Release | December 10, 2014

To launch its new “Empower Innovation Together” campaign, Mouser teams up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame.


Grant Imahara teams up with Mouser Electronics.

Grant Imahara teams up with Mouser Electronics.

Mouser Electronics recently announced a new partnership with longtime Mouser customer Grant Imahara, a celebrity engineer best known for his role on Mythbusters. As a practicing engineer, Imahara understands the frustrations and inspirations that keep engineers challenging themselves to design the next great thing. The collaboration emphasizes Mouser’s commitment to offer the engineering community the newest products and information to inspire new designs.

The “Empowering Innovation Together” campaign invites the engineering community on a journey to empower innovation. Mouser will create a series of webisode videos with Imahara as the host, featuring unique content that highlights innovative, creative engineers worldwide. There will be features on the newest products and technical expertise to help speed new designs. The partnership will provide both inspiration and guidance, plus contribute to the culture of inventive thinking.

Well known in the engineering community, Imahara has paired his engineering expertise with a TV and film career. In addition to his roles on Mythbusters and Battlebots, Imahara is the inventor behind many famous robotic characters – including the Star Wars prequel-era R2-D2; the Late Late Show’s sidekick Geoff Peterson, the talking robot; and the rhythmic arms on the modern day Energizer Bunny. He joins the Mouser team as a collaborator and spokesperson who shares Mouser’s passion to positively influence and support innovative design.

“I’ve been a Mouser customer for more than 20 years,” said Imahara. “Its components have been a part of the DNA of almost all my major projects. It’s always been a great experience, so when they reached out to me with the Empowering Innovation Together campaign, I was truly excited about the opportunity. I’m looking forward to working with Mouser to empower and inspire more engineers like me.”

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