Automotive Cable Assembly Market Up 7.2% in 2014

As electronic content in cars continued to outpace growth in unit volume, the automotive cable assembly market was up 7.2% in 2014.   Bishop tracks 12 companies in the automotive market sector. This market had six consecutive quarters of year-over-year growth before 4Q14, as measured by these 12 companies’ revenues. In 2013, these companies grewRead More

TE Opens Wearables Lab

To address rapid growth in the wearables market, TE opens a wearables lab focused on consumer, medical, industrial, and defense applications.     TE Connectivity announced the official opening of its TE Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, Calif.,US. Exclusively focused on wearable technologies across consumer, medical, industrial, and defense businesses, the lab serves as aRead More

Optical Computing is Serious Business

The new iNEMI-MIT consortium on silicon photonics demonstrates that optical computing is serious business. Fiber optics have had a long, uphill battle in our industry, with millions invested and dot-com busts, but now FO appears in launchpad mode in the near future. The newly formed Photonic Systems Manufacturing Consortium (PSMC) is funded through The National InstituteRead More

Mouser Teams Up with Celebrity Engineer Grant Imahara

To launch its new “Empower Innovation Together” campaign, Mouser teams up with celebrity engineer Grant Imahara of Mythbusters fame.   Mouser Electronics recently announced a new partnership with longtime Mouser customer Grant Imahara, a celebrity engineer best known for his role on Mythbusters. As a practicing engineer, Imahara understands the frustrations and inspirations that keep engineers challenging themselvesRead More

Point of View: The Revolution of the Interconnected Factory

In the past, industrial connectors have evolved over time rather than at a revolutionary pace. Now, with the anticipation of the Internet of Things, Keith Kufahl of TTI discusses the revolution of the interconnected factory and how design engineers can stay on the cutting edge. The fact that the world of industrial connectors changes atRead More

2014 Connector Technology Review

The connector industry grew in 2014, and that was a result of both evolving product lines and cutting-edge technology. Here, Bob Hult looks back at the year’s trends and products in the annual 2014 Connector Technology Review. Shrinking the size of electronic devices has always been a given in the world of electronic equipment. TheRead More

Fischer Connectors MiniMax Pin Socket Version

Fischer Connectors MiniMax pin socket version extends the popular high-performance, rugged connector family. Fischer Connectors extends the MiniMax miniature, high-performance, rugged connector family with a pin socket version. With the product range extension, the Fischer MiniMax Series is now available both in 19- and 24-pin configurations, giving designers more flexibility, especially where space and weightRead More

SOURIAU UTL Power+Control Connector

The SOURIAU UTL Power+Control connector is designed for luminaires and urban lighting systems. The UTL Power+Control connector series from Esterline Connection Technologies – SOURIAU, is designed for luminaires and urban lighting systems installed both outdoors and inside buildings. Engineered specifically for LED lighting, it is one of the only harsh-environment connector solutions on the marketRead More

TE MCON 8 Contact System

TE MCON 8 contact system expands the MCON family of products for automotive applications. TE Connectivity expanded its MCON family with the MCON 8 contact system. The MCON 8 contact system meets existing cavity and interface specifications for the automotive industry, such as those required for cooling fan applications. To withstand harsh environments, TE added innovative design features like overstressRead More

Industry 4.0 Drives the Industrial Manufacturing Sector in Europe

TTI reports that Industry 4.0 drives the industrial manufacturing sector in Europe as implementation of “smart factory” technology gains momentum. TTI is seeing significant growth among customers implementing Industry 4.0 or “Smart Factory” technology according to Norbert Piefer, European director industry marketing – industrial at TTI. “The Smart Factory concept leads to end-to-end process optimization,” saidRead More

TE Standard Connectors for Onboard Ethernet

TE Connectivity has shown that a data transmission rate of 100Mb/s can be achieved with standard automotive connectors. There are signs that car manufacturers will opt for Ethernet data bus technology in the future. Its advantages include tremendous topology flexibility and high data transmission speed. Furthermore, Ethernet is a strong contender for the seamless integration ofRead More

Press-Fit Technology for Automotive Applications

Press-fit technology is widely applied in multiple automotive applications because it meets the needs of smaller, lighter, more durable components in the latest vehicle designs. The basic principle of a press-fit connection is that a contact terminal is pressed into a printed circuit board (PCB). There are two types of press-fit pins – the solidRead More

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