Ethernet Connectors for Transportation Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | August 24, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights Ethernet connectors for transportation applications from leading suppliers.

Ethernet Connectors for Transportation Applications

LEMO 1000 Base T1LEMO’s 1000Base-T1 (single-pair Ethernet or SPE) is a push-pull self-latching connector. LEMO provides two types of insulators 0B.511 (2 contacts) and 1B.512 (4 contacts + screen) compatible with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) and shielded twisted pair (STP), the new product is also available in a watertight version in the T series connector. Based on transmission standards (IEEE 802.3), SPE is integrated into new generations of automobiles. It is designed to operate over a single twisted-pair copper cable supporting an effective data rate of 1 Gb/s in each direction simultaneously. The connectors are for automotive and industrial data transfer. The role of SPE is also to gain space and weight (with a simpler cable) in markets such as machine, robot, and rail technology.

Micro quadrax/twinax connectors from Smiths InterconnectMicro quadrax/twinax connectors from Smiths Interconnect are available in threaded, quick disconnect, SMA and Micro-D size packages. They are 25% smaller in diameter than SMA coaxial connectors and offer controlled impedance with a tightly spaced PCB footprint. Micro quadrax connectors maintain the signal to shield impedance throughout the mated connector pair (quad configuration applications exceeding 1 Gb/s) and are available in threaded versions including straight and right angle cable mount and PCB mount configurations. 

ITT Cannon’s Veam CIR M12ITT Cannon’s Veam CIR M12 is a bayonet coupling circular connector for harsh environment Ethernet communication applications. This high-speed connector solution is a combination of M12 contacts mounted into Veam FRCIR connector series hardware. Supporting gigabit communication, the CIR M12 enables transfer of data from Ethernet, MVB, WTB, and video lines, according to VG95234, within the same connector. 

M12 x 1 from binderThe M12 x 1 from binder is a shielded, IP67, Ethernet connector. The M12 X-coded product portfolio features data transmission up to 10 Gb/s, female receptacles with straight and angled dip solder contacts, male and female molded connecting cords, and cabinet lead-through/adaptor for the connection of cable connectors. It is in accordance with DIN IEC 61076-2-109. binder offers the same assembly with a DIN 50155 train-rated cable.


METZ CONNECT RJ45 field plug proThe METZ CONNECT RJ45 field plug pro is available in 180° straight and 360° angled, 4-pair and 2-pair versions. It can easily be connected to all common cable types without much preparation and its new design allows for use in restricted spaces. It has a robust zinc die-cast housing and protected latch for industrial use. Its compact design makes the connector multi-port capable while being fully shielded. The RJ45 field plug pro is designed for field assembly without the need for special tools. It is suitable for Power over Ethernet (PoE, PoE plus, UPoE, and 4PPoE), HDBaseT or other multimedia applications as well as for industry standards such as PROFINET and EtherNet/IP.

HARTING’s M12 PushPull connectors

HARTING’s M12 PushPull connectors provide fast and easy connection in high vibration environments. An audible click indicates when connection is made and simple assembly that requires no special tools makes installation in the field quick and easy. The M12 PushPull saves space by eliminating the need for additional access space for screwing the connector into position. The design also includes knurling on the side of the connector ensuring easy handling. 

JK06 data transmission connector from JAEThe JK06 data transmission connector from JAE is a robust, waterproof railway vehicle connector with a bayonet-style locking mechanism compliant with VG95234 specification. It offers a unique contact arrangement and customized contacts for data transmission. The JK06 data transmission connector lineup is offered in two categories of transmission standards. Ethernet, TCN, or high density data transmission networks have become key technologies for modern railway vehicles. Network systems connectors are required to comply with data transmission standards, while requiring the connectors to be waterproof and providing railway vehicle grade robustness.

WAGO’s easy to assemble metal Cat 6A RJ-45 connectorsWAGO’s easy to assemble metal Cat 6A RJ45 connectors offer users a variety of options to meet networking needs. The connectors come in three styles: straight without strain relief, straight with strain relief, and a right angle with strain relief. The right angle version can be assembled with the cable directed in multiple positions. These RJ45 connectors support both Ethernet and PROFINET standards. The Ethernet version supports either 22 AWG or 24 AWG wires. The 360° shielding helps protect from electrical interference in industrial applications. Assembly is easy and fast with pre-labeled insulation displacement connectors. 


PEI-Genesis supplies the Tri-Start threading coupling system from AmphenolPEI-Genesis supplies the Tri-Start threading coupling system from Amphenol. The Amphenol RJ Field series circular metal connectors with tri-start threading coupling systems allow for the use of an Ethernet Class D/ CAT5e connection for Ethernet over twisted-pair networks in harsh environments. These connectors are excellent for harsh conditions. The Amphenol RJ Field series’ RJStop connection system protects from shock, dust, and fluid. RoHS options are available for RJF series connectors. No hazardous on-field cabling and grounding are required.

Rosenberger RoSPE-IndustrialRosenberger RoSPE-Industrial is a 360° fully shielded differential connector system for single-pair Ethernet applications. The new system combines high-performance data transmission, up to 2.5 GHz, in a compact yet robust industrial-grade housing. Apart from ensuring high-bitrate data transmission, and saving on installation space and weight, RoSPE-Industrial’s modularity provides the flexibility to support a wide range of Ethernet applications and industry protocols. The Rosenberger RoSPE-Industrial connector system is highly suited for use in solutions for the process and automation industries.

M12 X-code, Phoenix Contact’s high-speed Ethernet connector systemM12 X-code, Phoenix Contact’s high-speed Ethernet connector system, has expanded to include all male, female, straight, and angled versions. Over the past years, Phoenix Contact has developed an entirely new patented manufacturing approach for shielded M12 cordsets known as Advanced Shielding Technology. This innovative process uses liquid metal to ensure a complete 360° shielded connector head, creating a reliable and interference-free transmission of data. The higher bandwidth shielding of the cable plays a big role in secure data connection.

Bulgin Buccaneer Standard Ethernet Series PX0839Allied Electronics & Automation supplies the Bulgin Buccaneer Standard Ethernet Series PX0839 front panel mount connector. This is a comprehensive offering of single-ended USB A sealed end to standard USB B type and USB B sealed end to standard USB A cable assemblies in a variety of types and lengths, as well as type A and type B USB sealed front and rear panel mount connectors. The screw coupling USB connectors are dustproof and waterproof when mated (IP68 and IP69K) with visual mating indication and offer low and high speed bus connections of 1.5Mbs to 480Mbs, high noise immunity and EMI protection with RoHS compliance.


Octax-Solo and Octax-LT 10 Gb/s Ethernet connectors by Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Octax-Solo and Octax-LT 10 Gb/s Ethernet connectors by Carlisle Interconnect Technologies are single-port, standalone connectors designed for a wide variety of high-speed data applications within the transportation market. The Octax connector utilizes innovative inserts to isolate each twisted pair and contact, maintaining the shielding and twist extremely close to the contacts to minimize characteristic impedance mismatch. Each insert serves as an isolated cell to virtually eliminate near-end crosstalk. Capable of operating in data transmission speeds of 10 Gb/s or higher, the Octax standard M39029 crimp contacts reduce manufacturing installation time and provide a field-repairable solution. Offering critical space savings for highly dense applications and anti-decoupling/self-locking mechanism for rugged environments, CarlisleIT’s Gigabit series cables and Octax connector solutions are the highest performance, harsh environment interconnect systems available for Ethernet and other high-speed protocols.

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