High-Power, High-Voltage Connectors for Automotive Applications

By AJ Born | August 30, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights high-power, high-voltage connectors for automotive applications from leading suppliers. 

High-Power, High-Voltage Connectors for Automotive Applications 

 ISH horizontal, SMT connector from I-PEXThe ISH horizontal, SMT connector from I-PEX features resistance to high heat and strong vibration for high-reliability applications. The unique embedded spring terminals provide a long-term stable electrical connection. ISH connectors are designed for automotive and industrial grade applications, and feature 2.0 mm contact pitch. They are halogen free and REACH and RoHS compliant.


Lumberg produces customized high-current contact elements for automotive applicationsLumberg produces customized high-current contact elements for automotive applications. The high-current contact sockets carry the part number 4580 at Lumberg. Currently six standard contacts are available. The single-pole and tin-plated contact sockets of the smaller version 4580 03 mate with tab contacts of 5.3 mm x 0.8–1.5 mm or up to 5.3 mm x 1.5–2.0 mm. Depending on the PCB layout or the lead frame, rated currents (at Tamb 20 °C) up to 60 A with contact resistance < 0.5 mmΩ can be realized. In the larger version 4580 04, tab contacts up to 8 mm can be mated, at rated currents up to 80 A with contact resistance < 1.0 mmΩ.


Amphenol Sine Systems’ PanelMate family of receptacles offered by Powell ElectronicsAmphenol Sine Systems’ PanelMate family of receptacles offered by Powell Electronics are engineered with a one-piece, sealed, flanged design for rapid and secure mounting. Their durable, high-temperature, silicone, facial seal provides a barrier of protection from lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, and fossil fuels to withstand the challenges and complexities of harsh environment applications. They are also available in a two-piece, sonically welded, flange design for applications requiring an externally operated connection with four pass-through holes. All PanelMate product lines accept A Series components and are compatible with other industry standard mating connectors. Features include flanged or flangeless; straight or 90° right-angle pin orientation, thermoplastic housing with integrated latch for mating, high-temperature silicone seals for superior sealing, wedgelocks for proper contact alignment and retention, and a wide variety of optional back-end configurations. PanelMate receptacles meet or exceed 1500 volts minimum and are used for automotive applications and other demanding interconnect architectures.


The Sure-Seal Connections Circular Series supplied by PEI-GenesisThe Sure-Seal Connections Circular Series supplied by PEI-Genesis offers a range of connectors and cable assemblies for hybrid electric vehicles and other harsh environment applications. These industrial connector cable assemblies are offered in molded cable, field wireable, and panel-mount variations. Sure-Seal Circular Series cables are available in a variety of pre-terminated lengths. Custom variations and lengths of all standard cable assemblies are also available.


LSH rack and panel connector series from Smiths InterconnectThe high power LSH rack and panel connector series from Smiths Interconnect is utilized in the automotive market as well as across many different market segments. The leading-edge Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology is the foundation upon which the LSH is built. This world class interconnect technology ensures LSH connectors are immune to shock, vibration, and fretting. In addition, it features the low insertion and extraction forces that are a catalyst for easy mating. The LSH Series can be maintained for 100,000+ mating cycles at an extremely low cost of ownership.


Amphenol’s BarKlip XP connectors, supplied by Avnet

Amphenol’s BarKlip XP connectors, supplied by Avnet, for EV charging feature independent points of contacts that provide overall lower resistance and greater overall efficiency. BarKlip XP series is capable of distributing anywhere from 150 to 1000A of power to busbar power distribution applications making it a great choice for your EV charging solution.


BizLink customized high voltage harness solutionsBizLink provides customized high voltage harness solutions including design, manufacturing, and testing for EV and PHEV; integrated HV connectors and cable solutions; and supports high-voltage harness layout and routing design in vehicles. BizLink operates its global wire harness business for electric vehicles, providing high-quality harnesses and custom solutions for a single connector or vehicle wiring system.


KW1C and KW02C Series EV charging connectors from JAEKW1C and KW02C Series EV charging connectors from JAE feature a smaller and lighter design with enhanced high current ratings. JAE has been designing EV charging solutions since the dawn of the electric vehicle era in 2010 and has released multiple connectors that meet CHAdeMO and CCS Type-2 standards. JAE’s original EV charging solution, the KW1 Series, is a fast-charging connector that conforms to CHAdeMO standards and has been widely adopted internationally since its product release in 2011. The KW02/KW03 series are compact and lightweight charging connectors that offer enhanced reliability based on the field experience of our KW1 series and meet the V2H guidelines established by CHAdeMO. The KW04 series fast-charging connectors conform to the CCS Type-2 standard (which is quickly gaining popularity in European countries) and have been designed with an enhanced internal structure to reduce maintenance costs of public chargers that are often used more frequently. The two newest additions to the product lineup, the KW1C and KW02C series connectors, comply with CHAdeMO specifications and both include internal enhancements from previous models.


Amphenol Communication Solutions’ 48V Barklip BK500 power cable assembliesAmphenol Communication Solutions’ 48V Barklip BK500 power cable assemblies are designed to provide a convenient method of distributing up to 500A per contact between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. The connector system used for EV charging features two individual power circuits and two newly added secondary chassis grounding contacts. Barklip BK500 is a simple configurable plug-and-play solution that supports 48V Power Rack architecture and features ultra-low end-of-life contact resistance of 0.5 mΩ.


Transfer Line Family S70 from SchleunigerThe Transfer Line Family S70 from Schleuniger is a flexible and efficient automation solution for processing high-voltage cables and connectors, all on one platform. Its modular design can be expanded or reconfigured at any time for current and future production needs. With individual and unique transfer modules, processing capabilities can be precisely tailored to meet customer requirements. End-of-line testing equipment and MES software can be integrated for traceability and to provide the most complete view of the HV cable process. With optimized cycle times up to 50% faster than benchtop operations, this platform provides maximum efficiency in output and cost.


JPC Connectivity’s new XL and XLP series of multipole power connectorsJPC Connectivity’s new XL and XLP series of multipole power connectors is designed to meet the harsh environment and high-performance needs of electric vehicles. Available in 23 amp to 200 amp versions, these connectors are perfect for on-board charger applications, as well as battery, converter, electric heater, and electric power steering applications. Like JPC’s field-proven TL series, these connectors are engineered for uncompromising reliability, providing IP67 sealing, market leading DWV, durability, and optional HVIL. Available as a harness assembly or stand-alone connector, the XL, XLP, and TL series offer great value for power needs.


Indium Corporation’s Rel-ion suite of productsIndium Corporation’s Rel-ion suite of products can be found in over two million electric vehicles on the street today. Rel-ion delivers reliability with no Zero km failures to modules, components, and systems such as ADAS, autopilot, battery cells, battery management systems, DC-DC converters, DC fast charging (DCFC), energy storage, IGBT, infotainment, inverters, on-board battery chargers, power MOSFET, and telematics (TCU). Rel-ion meets stricter surface insulation resistance (SIR) with rework solutions to pass SIR unheated. It provides precision bondline control, increased creep resistance, and increased fatigue resistance. It reduces voiding, increases CPU/GPU thermal requirements, and provides materials for power modules, IGBT, and DSC modules.


iConnector’s HPC Series HV connectoriConnector’s HPC Series HV connector with metal shell and high strength offers good EMI performance and is widely used for electric light trucks, off-road vehicles, and other EVs.

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