Connectors for Electric Vehicles Product Roundup

By AJ Born | March 15, 2022

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for electric vehicles from leading suppliers.

Connectors for Electric Vehicles

Amphenol Industrial Surlock PlusAllied Electronics & Automation supplies the SurLok Plus compression lug from Amphenol. SurLok Plus for EVs and HEVs is a field installable, highly reliable alternative to common compression lugs. Using industry-standard crimp, screw, and busbar termination options, it eliminates the need to purchase special torque tools. SurLok Plus is an environmentally sealed version of the original SurLok but available in smaller sizes and features a quick lock and press-to-release design. Incorporating the latest R4 RADSOK technology, SurLok Plus is a compact, quick mating, and robust product line. The RADSOK high amperage contact technology utilizes the high tensile strength properties of a stamped and formed, high conductivity alloy grid to produce low insertion forces while maintaining a large conductive surface area. The R4 version of the RADSOK represents the culmination of three years of research and development in laser welding copper-based alloys.

Amphenol FlexLokAmphenol Communication Solutions’ USCAR-2 automotive-grade connectors are designed to meet the need for reliable battery management systems in EVs. FlexLock2.54mm FPC-to-board connectors enable simpler layouts, reduce weight of BMS applications, and are an alternative to discrete wire-to-board solutions. They have a nominal current-carrying capacity of 3 amps per contact to support higher power applications.


HARTING EmobilityFrom its triad of installation technology, device connectivity, and smart network infrastructure, HARTING provides suitable products for power, signal, and data transmission. HARTING’s industrial connectors, Ethernet switches, and charging plugs and sockets are widely deployed for use in the charging interface for electric vehicles, as well as for energy production and distribution networks. HARTING AC Charging Plugs are available in three different, globally standardized versions. Special models have been designed for use in so-called in-cable charging devices (IC-CPD) for interchangeable cord sets. HARTING special connection point plugs have been designed for use on in-cable charging devices in accordance with ISO/IEC 62752. Mode 2 charging devices (IC-CPD) can consequently be equipped with interchangeable cord sets for global sales.

CHARX charging inlets from Phoenix Contact E-MobilityThe new CHARX charging inlets from Phoenix Contact E-Mobility enable both low- and high-power charging (HPC) of electric vehicles. The combined charging systems (CCS) inlets allow continuous charging at up to 250 amps, and temporarily up to 500 amps and 1000 volts. This is the highest charge rating currently available, making it possible to charge a vehicle in just a few minutes. The CHARX CCS charging inlets have a DC cable cross-section of up to 95 mm2 to enable the higher power levels. Core elements of the charging inlet have been engineered to improve temperature sensing and connection technology between the cables and contacts. The vehicle can then regulate the requested charging current dynamically based on the temperature evaluation.

Greenconn floating connectorGreenconn’s floating connectors are designed with spring-like terminals in the separated interior and exterior insulators that are capable of withstanding misalignment in all X, Y, and Z axes. These features also resist the shock and vibration conditions common to electric vehicle applications. This product features a weld tap design on both male and female connectors that helps to share the stress on the leads and enhance their performance against extreme environmental driving conditions. Greenconn’s floating connectors have a self-aligning mechanism, which can correct a tolerable range of dislocation when assembling the PCB, making it suitable for automatic automotive assembly. The dual contacts shift with respect to the movement of the connector, thereby achieving a flexible range of motion.

Hirose Electric narrow pitch board-to-board connectorHirose Electric has developed a narrow pitch board-to-board connector ideally suited for internal connection of automotive powertrains and motor controllers. Combining shock and vibration resistance with high heat resistance up to 140°C, the FX26 Series connector delivers high reliability in harsh environment applications. Supporting a floating range of ±0.7 mm in the XY direction and ±0.75 mm in the Z direction, the FX26 Series board-to-board connector absorbs misalignment while tightening screws and PCB shrinkage caused by high temperatures. The FX26 Series has a large effective mating length for improved performance and reliability. With a pitch of only 1 mm, the FX26 Series offers PCB space-savings, improves assembly times, and reduces cost by replacing traditional cable connectors.

iConnector EV charging connectorsiConnector offers a full range of EV charging connector solutions from AC to DC charging, including both IEC and SAE standard charging connectors. Customized designs are also available upon request.


Weidmuller’s Mode 3 charging cablesWeidmuller’s Mode 3 charging cables have an ergonomic design to provide the highest charging comfort. All products are CE compliant and TÜV certified. They are compatible with all electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids with a charging interface of type 1 or type 2 (CCS 1 or CCS 2) according to IEC standard 62196-1 /-2. Mode 3 cables are robust and durable. They have an IP55 rating when plugged in or with protective cap attached. The housing is dirt- and water-repellent, shock- and impact-resistant, and resistant to cold and heat. They are available in different lengths, in straight and coiled form, and, if required, with an open end for installation in individual charging infrastructure solutions. Demands for in-vehicle connector products using low flammability material are growing due to environmental regulations.

JAE MX84B Series in-vehicle connectorJAE has developed the MX84B Series in-vehicle connector, a UL-94 V-0 compatible version of the existing MX34 Series, to meet the demand for connectors using low flammability material. The MX84B Series connector is ideal for electric vehicles. It uses highly flame-retardant materials for the insulator of JAE’s conventional MX34 Series, which is used in a wide variety of body-related ECUs for switches, sensors, battery management systems (BMS), and others. The PCB foot pattern can be used without changing the board design. JAE plans to continue its expansion of products for environmentally friendly vehicles with additional variations of the MX84B Series, including in-line connection types and pin count variations.

Molex Mini50 sealed wire-to-device-receptacle, supplied by HeilindThe Molex Mini50 sealed wire-to-device-receptacle, supplied by Heilind, delivers significant space savings (25% smaller footprint) over traditional (unsealed) USCAR 0.64 mm connectors. The sealed wire-to-device receptacles utilize smaller pins, terminals, and wire gauges while providing protection from water and dust ingress. Polarization options eliminate mating and assembly errors. The Mini50 has an IP68 rating and IP69K with backshells. Its rounded shape allows for through-hole routing.


Nicomatic CrimpFlex contactsNicomatic’s CrimpFlex technology, together with its housing and mating part, is used in batteries for electric vehiclesCrimpFlex contacts ensure excellent mechanical retention and electrical contact by piercing the conductor in six points. It is the basis for the Nicomatic patent. The contacts are available in two standard pitch sizes, 1.27mm & 2.54mm, and in male, male solder tab, and female versions to meet all market needs. Female contacts are selective gold- or tin-plated. CrimpFlex offers the best contact resistance with high mechanical force, a temperature range of -55°C to +150°C, and miniaturization (1.27mm pitch) to fit with 0.38 to 0.45 mm pin headers.

Bizlink harnessBizLink provides customized high-voltage solutions for electric vehicles, including main battery pack cables, 3-phase cables, heat pump cables, OBC cables, AC cables, sensor harnesses, and BMS harnesses. With IATF 16949 certified facilities and advanced manufacturing processes, BizLink collaborates closely with customers to turn their innovative ideas into reality.

Materion’s iON EV CladMaterion’s iON EV Clad was engineered to be a drop-in replacement for the pure silver often used in electric vehicle charger connections. It was specifically designed to have low insertion friction/force, outstanding wear characteristics, and high electrical conductivity. iON EV clad offers improved performance and the ability to withstand the high energy environment of fast-charge connectors.



JPC Connectivity’s TL Series of power connectorsJPC Connectivity’s TL Series of power connectors is designed to meet the exacting standards of your hybrid and commercial EV needs. Based on the proven stamped hyperboloid socket design, the TL series is available in 200 and 300 amp versions.  Utilizing a unique double-ribbed seal design at both the connector and backshell interface ensures IP67 performance after many mating cycles, protecting your systems from water ingress. The TL is available with an optional High Voltage InterLock with a double-sided spring-plate contact design that provides superior and stable performance and eliminates HVIL failures. The TL series is fully shielded and is offered as a connector or cable assembly.

KYOCERA AVX 5652 SeriesThe 5652 Series floating board-to-board connectors from KYOCERA AVX transmit data at high speeds without latency, a critical requirement for smart cars and electric vehicles.  With operating temperatures up to 125°C (257°F), they perform well even in extreme temperatures required for in-vehicle equipment. They are also the industry’s first USB 3.1 Gen. 2 compatible device capable of 16 Gb/s (and greater) high-speed transmission for applications such as mobility computers and lidar systems.


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