Updated: November 27th, 2017

Samtec.com’s Search Options Give Fast Access to the Products You Need

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By Cody Wheeler

Samtec’s Easy Search Tools Find Ideal Products Fast

The Samtec website is designed with versatility in mind. Researching your products is fast and easy, no matter how you prefer to approach the search process. We’ve built a variety of tools on Samtec.com to help you find the ideal components to build your products. Here are the top ways to find your products on Samtec.com.

For the visual person, try Picture Search

Samtec Picture Search

Picture Search is a visual tool that allows you to navigate Samtec’s vast product offering by clicking on the image that most closely resembles what you’re looking for. It’ll bring you from the top level of our products, all the way down to a Tech Specs page in just a few clicks. Try Picture Search.

Added Value Solutionator Parametric Search

Samtec Solutionator

Solutionator is a full-blown parametric search tool that lets users choose from nearly 30 filters to find the ideal mated set. You can sort in the grid using several data attributes to further focus your search. Solutionator also allows you to order a Specs Kit (Catalog Pages, Prints,