Nicomatic Celebrates 40 Years in Business

By News Release | July 25, 2016

Happy 40th anniversary to Nicomatic, which is celebrating with a new logo!

Nicomatic Celebrates 40 Years

Nicomatic recently updated its brand image. As the company celebrated its 40th anniversary on July 8, it revealed a new logo. This is the first official new logo since Nicomatic came to the market in 1976. With its in-house design and great use of negative space, Nicomatic moves towards a sleek and stylish look that shows the evolution of the company from passive components to more technology-driven “smart” products.

Nicomatic North America, based in Warminster, Penn., is a global designer and manufacturer of interconnect solutions and components for man/machine interface. Headquartered in Bons-En-Chablais, France, the company also maintains production and sales facilities in the United States and China. With its international plants and 100% in-house production process, Nicomatic is able to offer fast, on-time delivery. 

News Release
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