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By News Release | May 09, 2016

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CONEC-IP67-RJ45-seriesCONEC has expanded its IP67 RJ45 connector family with a new field-attachable Cat 6EA connector, which can transmit data rates up to 10G Ethernet. The series is designed for Industrial Ethernet wiring with IP67 protection and bayonet locking that allows fast, simple, and robust connections in harsh environments. IDC contacts and the captive stranded wire manager enable quick and safe field assembly without any special tools, and the colored wires can be easily and quickly matched to the correct positions in the connector. The IDC contacts accept stranded or solid wire cross sections from AWG 27 to AWG 22 and are suitable for a wide range of industrial cables. The entire series is available in plastic and plastic metallized versions.

GTC whitelightGlobal Connector Technology (GCT) has expanded its range of White Lite lighting connectors with two new economical wire-trap lighting connectors. Designed for use in LED lighting strip applications, the connectors with 2.40mm and 4.00mm pitches offer engineers an option based on space constraints and current rating requirements. The surface-mount connectors feature natural LCP insulators and are available in one-, two-, or three-contact versions. The 2.4mm-pitch BL300 accepts 20 – 24 AWG stranded wire rated at 4A for 22 AWG. A two-position connector has a footprint of just 5.20mm x 7.90mm with a height above the PCB of 3.60mm. The BJ302 4.00mm-pitch products accept 20 – 22 AWG stranded conductors or 18 – 24 AWG solid conductors. Current rating for 18 AWG is 8A, and the footprint for a two-position connector is 7.45mm x 11.80mm with a height above the PCB of 4.50mm.

I-PEX NovastackI-PEX’s Novastack 35-HDP Board-to-FPC Connectors are designed with full 360-degree EMI shielding, an industry high. This full shielding helps designers avoid interference with signals that run through connectors, allowing for greater design flexibility. The high-data-rate capability supports all of the new transmission standards, making the connectors ideal for applications with speeds up to 20Gb/s including USB-3.1, eDP HBR3, PCIe Gen 3 and 4, and Thunderbolt 3. Novastack 35-HDP Board-to-FPC Connectors can deliver high power with four sets of 2.2A power pins. Their low profile, at 0.35mm pitch and a 0.7mm mated height, enables electronics manufacturers to create slimmer devices.

Mill-Max straight and angled pinsMill-Max has developed additional straight and right-angle male PCB pins to complement the existing 35XX and 37XX series. In addition to the .020″ (0.51mm), .025″ (0.63mm), .030″ (0.76mm), and .040″ (1.02mm) diameters available, the new pins offer diameters of .060″ (1.52mm) and .080″ (2.03mm). They are suitable for plugging into receptacles and/or soldering into printed circuit boards. The new .060″ (1.52mm) and .080″ (2.03mm) diameter pins are a good fit for applications that demand high mechanical strength or must meet higher current requirements. The 37XX series is ideal for any situation where a right-angle connection is required. The brass pins can be soldered onto a daughtercard and plugged into receptacles or connectors on a motherboard for perpendicular board mating. They can also be combined with right-angle receptacles or connectors to mate boards in parallel (daisy chaining). The tips of the pins have a full radius shape making them easy to plug into board holes or receptacles. The straight pins, series 35XX, come in three lengths: .250″ (6.35mm), .500″ (12.7mm ), and .750″ (19.0mm) and are available in diameters of .060″ (1.52mm) and .080″(2.03mm).

Molex Nano Pitch InterconnectsMolex introduced the Nano-Pitch I/O 80-Circuit Interconnect System, which offers the highest port density and speed (25Gb/s per lane) in the smallest package available. A multi-protocol pinout concept enables compatibility with all known SAS, SATA, and PCIe protocols and provides enhanced signal integrity in an extremely compact form factor. The connector is ideal for SAS and PCI Express applications, including storage-to-controller, server-to-server, server-to-switch, switch-to-switch, and mobile/enterprise. The system’s flexible pinout concept (continuous ground-signal-signal-ground) optimizes it for high-speed applications and maximizes the number of high-speed lanes within the lengths provided. Eight lanes are available per industry standard. The system’s small form factor (5mm x 23mm x 9mm) and a 12mm mated connector-to-cable assembly height for right-angle cable exit allow it to service mobile devices through enterprise applications. Staggered, reliable, and constant dual-row contact configuration makes it hot-pluggable.

Positronic EM360Positronic launched the EM360 banding backshell for D-sub connector applications that require 360-degree shield termination. The EM360 product provides 360-degree shield termination using a Band-It-style clamp. It’s available in top-opening, side-opening, and low-profile versions, and various cable diameter entries are possible. Featuring a split-body design, the EM360 is made of lightweight, low-magnetic aluminum alloy (EN AW 5083) and has electroless nickel plating. The backshell is targeted to spaceflight and commercial aerospace applications where overall shielding is a necessity.

Schleuniger Unistrip 2050Schleuniger’s new UniStrip 2050 benchtop stripping unit combines convenience and quality at a very competitive price. It is a simple and cost-effective stripping device for wires up to 2/0AWG (70mm2) or cables up to 0.59″ (15mm). The UniStrip 2050 is pneumatically driven so no electricity is required, and the simple, foot-pedal operation makes it easy for even the most novice users to run. The power and robust design of the UniStrip 2050 make it suitable for a wide range of applications, and the simple operation makes it ideal for a variety of production environments.

Wieland Circular ConnectorWieland Electric released a small industrial circular power connector with Type 4X/6P protection. Rated for 600V and 16A, the new RST MINI five-pole circular power connectors (RST16i5) are designed to simplify, speed up, and reduce the cost of wiring installations in lighting, building automation, and industrial applications. RST MINI connectors utilize Wieland’s innovative TWISTLOCK technology to securely mate the connector halves. Users simply push the halves together, and a lock ring automatically twists to secure the connection. RST MINI Series connectors are also mechanically and color-coded to improve assembly time and reduce the potential for installation errors. Their small, robust design is ideal for use in harsh environments and can serve as an effective replacement for conventional panel cable glands. Their screw terminals simplify field assembly and service work. RST MINI Series connectors are available in cable- or panel-mounted versions. The cable-mounted version accommodates cables from 7.1mm to 13mm in diameter. The panel-mounted version has M20 threads that feature a flat spot designed to improve the ease of installation. Additionally, regardless of color and coding, the RST16i5 connector has cULus approvals for up to 600V, 16A, and 22 – 16AWG; cULus disconnect under load for up to 350VAC; and environmental ratings up to IP69K, Type 4X, and Type 6P.

Yamaichi HDMI interface portfolioYamaichi Electronics launched its new portfolio of HDMI interfaces. They are available in five versions. The base version A has 19 contacts; version B (upon request) is for high-resolution transmission with 29 contacts; and C is the 19-pin mini version. Version D, available in SMT and through-hole variants, is the micro HDMI interface (PKS019-40xx-0), which measures 5.80mm x 7.65mm x 3.20mm. The contacts have a special insertion molding that prevents bending when the other connector is plugged into them. Lateral guides also support the insertion of the cable side and protect the contacts from lateral stress and scratches to ensure a high level of contact reliability during operation. Version E is an HDMI automotive connector (PKS019-5000-0VE), which provides a special housing that protects the actual HDMI connector with a recessed interface. This 19-pin version meets specification 1.4b and has been developed and tested specifically for the automotive industry.

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