New Product Roundup for April 18, 2016

By News Release | April 18, 2016

Read all about the latest product introductions from your favorite suppliers in this week’s new product roundup.



Alphawire Alpha Essentials lineAlpha Wire recently expanded its Coaxial Cable product line under the Alpha Essentials product family to include Micro Coax sizes from 32AWG to 50AWG. With the addition of Micro Coax, Alpha Wire now offers coaxial cable products ranging from 10AWG to 50AWG. The new Micro Coax cable line will be offered as standard constructions that are ideal for customers looking for signal transmission options, especially when designs offer limited space for cable routing. With an operating temperature range of -70°C up to +200°C, the Micro Coax cables are ideal for everything from medical endoscopes to industrial inspection applications.

Amphenol Industrial PT Series connectorsAmphenol Industrial Products Group expanded its PT series of connectors with a quick-disconnect circular connector that is ideal for use in the heavy equipment, transportation, diesel engine, and electric vehicle markets. Based on Amphenol’s 26482 series I, the UPT features a plastic shell with a metal coupling system and crimp termination. This lightweight connector has a smaller footprint and is easy to install in the field once it has been crimped in the facility. The UPT contact features three retention tines that can easily be inserted and ensure retention force. These RoHS-compliant connectors are environmentally sealed and have an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C. They offer jam-nut and square-flange mounts for 32-way and 48-way contacts.

Anderson Power Products 5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak connectorAnderson Power Products (APP) launched its 5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak connector. This three-phase AC connector is the newest addition to its sealed SPEC Pak line. The compact pin-and-socket design has power-handling capabilities 30% greater than the comparable IEC 60309 connector and is 50% smaller in size. The compact 5 Position Mid Power SPEC Pak accepts up to 8AWG wire for power handling up to 40A (CSA) and 60A(UL). Its keying feature allows multiple connectors to be used side by side while preventing circuits with incompatible voltage from being connected. The sealing gland protects the connector from ingress of dust and water (IP68) accommodating both individual and jacketed cable. The shell housings feature robust metal latches to keep the connectors securely mated.

Stewart Connectors StackJack seriesBelfuse announced that Stewart Connector now offers the new series of double-row StackJack connectors with LEDs in two-, four-, eight-, 12-, and 16-port configurations. These new part configurations fall within the SS-74500 series. This product increases end-user port density in 1Gigabit Ethernet applications while providing LEDs within each port as visual indicators. It features LEDs in both upper and lower ports that can be single or bi-colored in numerous color configurations. A typical application for LEDs in RJ45 connectors is to indicate link and data status. The StackJack’s enhanced shielding provides optimum protection against EMI, and its unique panel tabs provide a high normal force for superior shielding effectiveness. The longer springs allow repeated insertions and withdrawals from a panel and prevent “fish-hooking” on the panel during insertion.

CableEye cable and harness testing systemsCAMI Research Inc. announced a new board for its CableEye cable and harness testing systems. Populated with solder pads to accept a suite of TE Connectivity Micro-MaTch connectors, the board addresses markets plagued by vibration and fretting corrosion and which require “miniaturized connectivity.” Rated to 500Vdc/350Vac, the CB49 may be used on all CableEye models. The CB49, sold without connectors, contains nine sets of 20 solder pads accommodating numerous configurations of Micro-MaTch connectors. There are nine preset locations for automatic detection and display of four-, six-, eight-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, 18-, and 20-pin connectors (as denoted by screen-printed labels). Any single set may be fitted with any combination of lower-pin-count connectors that total to 20 or less. Sold as a set of two boards, each Micro-MaTch test board may be paired with other CableEye adapter boards to accommodate any combination of connectors.

ERNI SMC 1.27mm product line for ruggedized applicationsERNI Electronics continues enhancements of the popular SMC 1.27mm product line for ruggedized applications and requirements. The proven design of the double-sided stamped and formed spring contact provides a highly reliable electrical connection that customers have come to rely on. Rugged applications have demanded an even more secure mechanical connection between the two mated components. The SMC wire-to-board solution (connector system with female IDC right-angle and male SMT vertical connectors) has been improved with numerous modifications that meet the rigid requirements of industrial automation and automotive segments. The new SMC Secure Lock variants address the needs of inverter designs in electric/hybrid vehicles. The enhanced and securely latched mated connector (i.e. with high-vibration and shock resistance) enables relaxed system tolerances while avoiding precise mating procedures that can add cost and compromise yield.

Souriau introduced its MQuick rangeEsterline Connection Technologies – Souriau introduced its MQuick range at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg this month. This new range of modular rectangular connectors meets interconnection needs between aircraft networks and on-board cabin systems. The MQuick connectors feature a complete selection of components built around a range of standard modules, mechanical connections, and accessories. They allow end users to create the interconnections that meet their dimensional and technical requirements. The line consists of 18 male and female modules that accommodate crimp contacts, straight PC tail contacts, and 90-degree PC tail contacts. Whether you need signal connectors, power connectors, broadband connectors, or optical connectors, MQuick meets the need for cabin connection technologies.

Molex Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers and AssembliesMolex LLC now offers the capability to create flat flex and etched polyimide Premo-Flex Cable Jumpers and Assemblies with low-voltage differential signal (LVDS) connectors. This new capability provides ready-to-use terminated cable jumpers for LVDS applications, simplifying manufacturing processes and streamlining procurement. Premo-Flex LVDS Cable Jumpers and Assemblies deliver robust and superior signal integrity performance over long distances and are ideal for applications such as large displays and HDTVs. Like previously released options, the new custom cable jumpers and assemblies are durable, flexible, and available in a variety of pitches, cable lengths, thicknesses, and formats. Connector options include one-piece (15, 24, and 33 circuits), two-piece (30, 50, and 80 circuits), and one-touch LVDS (41 and 51 circuits).

Smiths Silmat elastomeric test socketsSmiths Connectors announced the availability of Silmat elastomeric test sockets, specifically targeted for digital high-speed and PoP (package-on-package) test applications. The Silmat elastomeric test sockets bring to market an advanced, low-profile contact technology enhanced by best-in-class design engineering and test development practices to provide customers with a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving semiconductor test industry. Silmat sockets ensure an extremely short signal path enabling stable contact resistance, low inductance, and a high-frequency bandwidth of -1dB at 40GHz. Composed of a patented core elastomer technology and contact set, Silmat sockets feature a single component set to reduce maintenance and tester downtime through quicker changeovers. The sockets also provide long life (over 500K cycles), high durability, and more than 4A current-carrying capacity.

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