Updated: April 2nd, 2019

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ECIA has announced the winner of the inaugural ECIA North Star Award, the association’s highest leadership honor. Michael Knight of TTI Inc., a leading IP&E distributor, is the first individual to be recognized by this new award.

Knight joined the industry in 1983 and landed at TTI in 2004 after rising through the ranks in sales and marketing, domestically and internationally in distribution, rep firms, and manufacturing. He is currently senior vice president of TTI Americas.

For millennia, the North Star guided those who sought to explore the world and make it better. ECIA’s award, named to reflect this concept of extraordinary leadership, guidance, and perseverance within our industry, is the successor to NEDA’s Gail Carter award.

“For the last decade, Michael has taken a crucial leadership role in the ECIA, specifically in the effort to merge the ECA and NEDA. In his role as chairman, he drove changes that will enhance the association’s growth and value for years to come. He brings a clear vision to board work and provides a well-respected point of view,” said ECIA Chairman Blair Haas, Bud Industries.

“He is passionate about this business and the future of it, he is passionate about FIRST Rob