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Facts & Figures: 2014 Top 10 Connector Manufacturers Overall

By Ron Bishop | September 08, 2014

Bishop & Associates’ 2014 Customer Survey has been tallied and the 2014 top 10 suppliers for quality, pricing, delivery, and more have been chosen. Read on to see the top 10 suppliers overall as chosen by their customers. 

Bishop & Associates just completed the 2014 Customer Survey of the Connector Industry, in which connector users were asked to evaluate 46 connector manufacturers. A total of 455 users answered 20 questions relating to important issues such as quality, pricing, delivery, lead times, technical support, and more.

The distribution of responses by job function and sales channel is shown in the following table:

2014 US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Connector Industry - Response Distribution*Note: 43% of participants were engineers and 46% were OEMs.

The Top 10 Overall Best Performers

The top 10 companies, which received the highest customer evaluations, are shown in the following table.

2014 US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Connector Industry - Top 10 Companies

  Note: Highest possible score is 6.000.

The top 10 performers include five US companies and five German companies. Samtec was ranked #1 for the third consecutive year.

The following table shows how the 2014 Top 10 ranked in the past five surveys conducted.

2014 US Customer Satisfaction Survey of the Connector Industry - Top 10 Ranks

Of particular note:

  • Samtec was ranked #1 best performer in four of the past five surveys. Kycon is a strong #2.
  • HARTING has steadily improved performance since a poor ranking in 2009. Now the company has ranked in the Top 10 in the past two surveys and recorded a strong #3 ranking in 2014.
  • Phoenix Contact has clearly demonstrated its ability to serve customers by a top 10 rank in all the surveys.
  • 3M Electronics dropped out of the Top 10 only once in the past five surveys.
  • Molex consistently has a top 10 rank. Further, Molex is the only company that ranks in both the Top 10 for largest connector companies and Top 10 Best Performers.
  • Weidmuller has achieved top 10 status in the last two surveys.

Ron Bishop, President, Bishop & Associates, Inc.

No part of this article may be used without the permission of Bishop & Associates Inc. If you would like to receive additional news about the connector industry, register here. You may also contact us at [email protected] or by calling 630.443.2702.

Ron Bishop
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