Test Sockets Product Roundup  

By AJ Born | July 25, 2023

Test Sockets

RS supplies a wide range of Staubli test connectors to cover all industrial applications. All Staubli couplings adhere to the strict rules of ergonomics, safety, and long-term leak-proof characteristics for more efficient and economical applications. Staubli engineers focus on developing connection solutions, including quick couplings, multi-couplings, tool changers for robots and more, that are exactly suited to the requirements of each industry. A global network of specialists with in-depth industry expertise supports our products.

Hirose Electric’s MS-180 series features subminiature coaxial connectors with switch capabilities developed for inspecting RF module functionality and high frequency circuits. These connectors can be used to mount on a high density board of miniaturized devices and multiband frequency. The MS-180 series supports high frequency bands up to 11GHz and enables secure and easy inspection of circuits. Verification of the circuit performance is accomplished by simply inserting the external plug in the board-mounted receptacle.

Weidmüller test sockets are used to connect test devices with a standard 4.0 plug with widths up to 10 mm into the terminal. Test sockets are arranged at an angle, therefore all standard measurements (even adjoining) can be realized within the terminal width of 8.1 mm. Once mounted, the test socket cannot be removed from the application.

The Kepler test socket from Smiths Interconnect features contact technology that combines the scrub motion of a cantilever contact with the versatility and modularity of a spring probe. The design includes horizontal movement during the downward stroke of the device to remove surface oxides, provide stable and reliable contact, and protect the PCB from damage. The Kepler is ideal for testing LGA, QFN, QFP, and other variants. ​

Amphenol Communication Solutions’ ICFP offers 50 Ohm access to IC contact pads and signal paths on an IC circuit footprint. This solution is simple to manipulate, cost-effective, and a timesaving alternative to expensive X-Y tables and fragile planar probes and is designed for engineers who need to probe multiple signals at once. With ICFP technology, test engineers and reference design engineers can implement the shortest and fastest compression-mount connector technology to probe multiple signals simultaneously.

Heilind Electronics features the 3M socket 451 and header 452 series wire-to-board connectors. At half the size of a standard 0.100” pitch wire-to-board system, the 3M 451 & 452 come in at .050” pitch and mate with a 3M 0.025” pitch cable to complete the compact footprint. The compressed size aids in freedom of design for compact modern electronics devices where printed circuit boards become more densely packed with features and connections. 3M 451 & 452 series connectors are an ideal fit for signal-based control systems such as those found in industrial equipment, heating and cooling, test and measurement devices, appliance, communications equipment, and consumer electronics.

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