Connectors for Energy Exploration Applications Product Roundup

By AJ Born | October 12, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights connectors for energy exploration applications from leading suppliers.

Connectors for Energy Exploration Applications

RC Power Module from BizLinkThe RC Power Module from BizLink is an oil and gas assembly that features a high voltage rating of 1000V and a sophisticated design that meets a variety of purposes. The RC Power Module is designed to be resistant to UV, acids, abrasion, oil, and solvents.


LEMO’s S and E Series multi-concentric contact connectorsLEMO’s S and E Series multi-concentric contact connectors are precision engineered connectors fitted with 4 to 10 multiple concentric electrical contacts. These contacts, designed for low-speed rotation, can last up to 10,000 rotation cycles. Unlike coaxial or triaxial connectors, this range is not impedance controlled. The contacts are recessed and scoop-proof. They are designed for applications where the connection may require free rotation (instrumentation mast) such as petroleum downhole drilling systems and turret applications. For an IP68 connector solution, select the E series.

Smiths Interconnect HDC HC SeriesThe flexibility of Smiths Interconnect’s HDC series makes it suitable for wind energy, power systems, photovoltaic and engineering equipment, rail transportation, and heavy machinery industries. HDC standard, heavy duty, modular connector series conforms to IEC60664 and IEC61984 standards, and is suited for electrical, optical, radio frequency, high-voltage, high-current, high-speed transmission applications. Through the combination of different modules selected by the designer, the connector can handle different signal types such as power, signal, and data, without the need for separate connections.

Weidmuller offers single-pair Ethernet connectivity solutionsWeidmuller offers single-pair Ethernet connectivity solutions for IIoT for IIoT. Instead of two or four pairs of wires, single-pair Ethernet cabling requires just one pair of wires for the transmission of data and power. The simple design and the associated reduction in weight, space requirements, and installation costs offer many advantages in an industrial environment and energy exploration applications. Single-pair Ethernet enables the end-to-end, economical connection of many terminal devices in the IIOT, from sensors in the field to the cloud.

binder M12 D-coded cable assemblies are the ideal solution for Industrial Ethernet networks The binder M12 D-coded cable assemblies are the ideal solution for Industrial Ethernet networks commonly found in energy exploration applications. The assemblies have 360º shielding against EMI for complete data transfer protection. The anti-vibration, shock-resistant connection, along with its resistance to UV, oil, gas, and chemicals with the CMX Outdoor TPE Cat5e cable jacket, offers a reliable IP67 rating when exposed to extreme elements.

The DW Series connector from JAEThe DW Series connector from JAE can help reduce manufacturing work time for customers. It is available in four kinds of product lineups, including the cable type for small-scale storage. The expansion of solar power generation and other forms of green energy has increased the need for storage battery systems that can temporarily store electricity. Recently, the use of lithium-ion batteries has increased for storage systems. To add to the power supply type, JAE offers this rack and panel type complex connector with a signal contact to check the condition of every cell.

Omnetics’ Micro-D Narrow Right Angle Thru-Hole board mount connectorsOmnetics’ Micro-D Narrow Right Angle Thru-Hole board mount connectors offer the traditional .100” pitch. These high-reliability connectors provide excellent shock and vibration performance and meet or exceed the requirements of MIL-DTL-83513 while utilizing the rugged Omnetics flex-pin contact system. They fit well into geothermal and petroleum devices used in gravitational detection, magnetometers, and directional sense and controls as well as measuring while drilling (MWD) systems.

Amphenol ICC’s BarKlip BK100 I/O provides a convenient method of distributing up to 100 Amps between busbars, cables, and circuit boards. It features 12 fully independent cantilevered beams, providing a true compliant spring to adjust for variations in busbar alignment and surface finish. The ultrasonically welded connection between the wire and contact increases the efficiency and reliability of current transition. The cable connects with a system rack bar and a 6.00 mm thick copper bar, to achieve a direct pluggable connection to an un-insulated busbar. This connection generates very low energy loss, with a maximum resistance of only 0.3mΩ per port. BarKlip connectors are used in residential and industrial AC/DC inverters and power conditioning systems in conjunction with energy storage systems.

M-Series Micro D microminiature connectors from AirBornM-Series Micro D microminiature connectors from AirBorn are designed for mission-critical applications where high-density and high-reliability are necessities. Ideally suited for the most demanding applications, the M-Series connector product line has been utilized for over 30 years in deep-sea exploration, geophysical, engine control systems, avionics, civil craft, helicopter, medical devices, navigation, radar, and communications. The high-temperature models make M-Series perfectly suited for down-hole drilling duty, withstanding temperature fluctuations between -55°C and +205°C.

Greene Tweed Seal-used in high pressure and high temperature downhole exploration applicationsGreene Tweed Seal-Connect offers an extensive portfolio of connectors used in high pressure and high temperature downhole exploration applications, such as logging-while-drilling, measurement-while-drilling, and wireline equipment. Seal-Connect pressure-rated coax connectors provide secure, reliable power and signal transmission in rugged environments. Coax connectors are preferred to traditional two-contact multi-pin connectors in downhole and other extreme applications because their concentric contacts reduce their radial footprint. Seal-Connect coax connectors perform in environments with temperatures up to 204°C (400°F) and pressures up to 25,000 psi. Coax connectors can be custom engineered for any application and for energy exploration applications.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ explosion-proof Geo-Beam EX series Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ explosion-proof Geo-Beam EX series meets ATEX directive IECEx 60079 for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 Hazardous Areas. The Geo-Beam EX product range consists of an inline plug and box mount bulkhead and is manufactured using stainless steel 316, making it able to withstand the most extreme environments. The product uses a Tri-Start Trapezoidal coupling method for a reduced turn, an additional locking mechanism for positive mating, and an audible click to ensure full engagement. The Geo-Beam EX electrical range is designed using an eight-way copper connector focusing around a standard #16 MIL-C-39029 contact, and offers a variable range of fiber optic configurations using MIL-PRF-29504, physical contact, and optical termini. The Geo-Beam EX Expanded Beam Connector includes a standard Fibreco insert that allows up to eight expanded beam channels, or a hybrid option, enabling a combination of power, electrical, and optical connectivity in an all- in-one solution.

Stewart Connector’s M12 X-Code connectors have eight positions, which allow Ethernet connectivity Stewart Connector’s M12 X-Code connectors have eight positions, which allow Ethernet connectivity and data transmission. Stewart Connector’s M12 X-Code Field Terminated plugs have the transmission reliability of Stewart Connector’s RJ45 plugs combined with the robust features needed in industrial environments where M12 connectors are common. Stewart’s M12 X-Code plugs do not require specialty tools to terminate to cable, making it an ideal solution for field terminations or rework and energy exploration applications.

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