What is a LC Connector?

By Amy Goetzman | October 04, 2022

Meet the Connector: LC Connectors

LC connectors are small form factor fiber optic connectors designed for making fast connections in high-density applications. They are a miniaturized version of the earlier SC fiber connector (50% smaller) and feature a square plastic housing with a 1.25 mm ceramic ferrule. Like the SC, LCs utilize a push-pull design, and they also have an anti-snag latch and retaining tab mechanism. Several other types of fiber optic connectors preceded the LC connector, but miniaturization in the telecommunications industry created a need for a smaller connector that would take up less room on high-density panels. The LC is the most common of the legacy optical interfaces used in high volume networking applications today.

Lucent Technologies produced the first LC connector and its name is derived from Lucent Connector; however, the abbreviation is sometimes described as Little Connector, Light Connector, and Local Connector.

Versions of LC Connectors

Many versions and options exist for LC connectors. They are available with single mode and multimode tolerances. Two polishing types are available, UPC and APC. The LC APC fiber connector features a green housing, a strain relief boot, and an 8° angle to minimize back reflection. The LC UPC fiber connector has a blue housing.

LC connectors are available as a jumper connector or BTW (behind-the-wall) connector. The jumper connector is used to terminate simplex and duplex 1.6 to 2.0 mm cable. A trigger and the standard latch make it easy to connect and disconnect. The LC jumper connector is widely used in LAN, central offices, and in patch cords for premise distribution systems. The LC BTW connector version is used for 0.9 mm fiber. It is typically used on the back side of equipment and most versions feature a finger catch and extended latch for ease of use.

The LC connector family includes adapters, attenuator, jumpers, connector modules and panels, and other accessories.

Design Notes

Networking: The LC connector fits into standard SFP+/ SFP28 form factors. LC connectors can also be used in higher-end QSFP+ or QSFP28 and run 40GbE or 100GbE networking.

Sealing: IP67/68 sealing and waterproof LC connectors are available from select manufacturers.

Attenuation values: Between 1 and 30 dB

Options: Duplex, singlemode, and multimode

Ferrule size: 1.25 mm 

Latch style: RJ45

Mating cycles: 500

Markets, Sectors, and Applications

Datacom/Telecom, Test & Measurement, Military/Aerospace

Amphenol CONEC IP67 LC Duplex Fiber Optic

Amphenol CONEC IP67 LC Duplex Fiber Optic Connectors (supplied by Mouser Electronics)


Allied Components, Bulgin, HARTING, Molex, Amphenol FSI (supplied by Mouser Electronics), Rosenberger (supplied by Digi-Key Electronics), Amphenol CONEC, Corning, L-Com, Pasternack, RS Pro, Senko, Timbercon

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