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Top 10 Connector Manufacturers Market Share by Region – Part 2

By Ron Bishop | November 14, 2016

The 10 largest connector companies had combined 2015 sales of $30 billion, or 57.7% of world connector demand. The names of the top 10 changes when the top 10 is defined as, “Who are the largest companies in each region?” That is, who are the 10 largest companies in sales in North America, Europe, Japan, China, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World (ROW)?



The following table identifies the top 10 companies with the largest sales in North America. Also shown are each company’s 2015 sales, North American rank, and world rank.

Top 10 in North America

2015 Top 10 NA Connector Manufacturers

Four additional companies achieved top 10 status when defined as the largest in North American sales. They are Carlisle, Samtec, CommScope, and Glenair.

Top 10 in Europe

2015 Top 10 European Connector Manufacturers

There are five additional top 10 companies in Europe; HARTING, Rosenberger, Phoenix Contact, Weidmuller, and Samtec, who also appears in the top 10 for North America.

Top 10 in Japan

2015 Top 10 Japanese Connector Manufacturers

There are three additional top 10 companies in Japan; Sumitomo, 3M, and DDK.

 Top 10 in China

2015 Top 10 Chinese Connector Manufacturers

China Aviation achieved top 10 ranking when China sales is the definition.

Top 10 in Asia Pacific

2015 Top 10 Asia Pacific Connector Manufacturers

Korea Electric is added as a top 10 company in Asia Pacific.

Top 10 Rest of the World (ROW)

2015 Top 10 ROW Connector Manufacturers

Belden and ITT reach top 10 status when ROW is the definition.

When the top 10 definition is “the top 10 largest companies in each region,” there are 25 companies that achieve top 10 rank in 2015.

2015 Top Companies by Region

When top 10 is defined by the largest companies in markets served or products manufactured, the number of companies achieving top 10 status increases significantly. More on this in upcoming issues of The Bishop Report.

Additional information on rank and sales of the world’s top 100 connector manufacturers can be found in Bishop & Associates’ research report, “The Top 100 Connector Manufacturers.” Click here for more information.

No part of this article may be used without the permission of Bishop & Associates Inc.

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