Small Form Factor Pluggable Connectors Product Roundup

By AJ Born | July 20, 2021

This week’s Product Roundup highlights small form factor pluggable connectors (SFPs) from leading suppliers.

Small Form Factor Pluggable Connectors (SFP)

Smiths Interconnect’s LightVISION 10G VM Series is a range of affordable, reliable, high-performance embedded optical transceivers with bandwidth up to 120 Gb/s. These are well suited for high-bandwidth commercial aerospace systems with the added benefit of reducing aircraft wiring and system weight and bringing fault, EMI/EMC, and lightning tolerance. The LightVISION 10G VM series is a screw-on, robust industrial and RoHS optical module with MPO interface. This combination allows a standard MPO cable to be plugged into the optical module and also mounted on the face-plate of a box or line-card. This approach offers a standard MPO cable connection with a robust, board-mounted optical engine, providing a small footprint and convenient optical cabling. In addition, the MPO connector is covered with an outside cover boot, addressing the issue of water and dust contamination. The LightVISION 10G VM is used in in-flight entertainment systems and connectivity (IFEC), advanced manufacturing, industrial automation, machine vision, high-performance computer interconnects, defense, commercial aerospace, and medical equipment. 

Samtec Flyover QSFP28Samtec Flyover® high-speed cable assemblies with Eye Speed twinax cable provide a cost-effective, high-performance, and heat-efficient answer to the challenges of 56 and 112 Gb/s PAM4 bandwidths. Samtec’s proprietary co-extruded Eye Speed twinax cable technology eliminates the performance limitations and inconsistencies of individually extruded dielectric twinax cabling. Samtec Flyover allows designers to extend signal reach and density to achieve next-gen speeds by routing signals through low-loss, ultra-low skew twinax cable, instead of through expensive, lossy PCBs. In a typical mid-board application, a cable connector is located next to an FPGA or ASIC. The signal launches through discrete or ribbon twinax cable, over minimum trace length in the lossy PCB, to another location on the board or to an I/O connector such as a QSFP. Samtec’s FQSFP-DD takes the Samtec Flyover Cable architecture to the QSFP-DD form factor. QSFP-DD small form factor pluggable modules support double the aggregate bandwidth of conventional QSFP modules by adding a second row of contacts to support a 16 differential pair electrical interface. Systems designed for QSFP-DD modules will be backwards compatible with existing QSFP plug-in modules.  

Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ front loader transceiver provides a hot pluggable, low profile, cost-effective solution between 100 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s, in SM and MM. Designed for vibration tolerance, this design builds on the proven Low Rider transceiver, and utilizes a true pin socket contact, to guarantee performance during vibration. Features include surface mount I/O pins for high-speed signal integrity, an industry- standard duplex multimode LC receptacle, and MSA-compliant digital diagnostics.

BizLink DAC 400G QSFPBizLink’s QSFP-DD direct attach cable provides affordable 400-Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and offers eight independent data transmission channels via the copper cables in a small form factor pluggable cable. Each QSFP-DD cable utilizes an integrated 76-position “board-as-connector” design with zinc die-cast backshells for superior EMI performance and minimal insertion loss.

Allied Startech Cisco SFP 10G transceiver moduleAllied Electronics & Automation supplies’s SFP10GSRST, a Cisco SFP-10G-SR compatible fiber transceiver module that has been designed, programmed, and tested to work with Cisco brand switches and routers. It delivers dependable 10 GbE connectivity over fiber cable, for 10GBASE-SR compliant networks, with a maximum distance of up to 300 m (984 ft.). This SFP+ fiber module is hot-swappable, making upgrades and replacements seamless by minimizing network disruptions. All SFP & SFP+ transceiver modules are backed by a lifetime warranty and free lifetime multilingual technical support. offers a wide variety of SFP modules and direct-attach SFP cables, providing the convenience and reliability to ensure dependable network performance.

WAGO 2065 series Terminal blockHeilind Electronics now offers WAGO’s MD 2065 Series PCB Terminal Block, ideal for LED modules and other industrial applications. The compact design of the 2065 blocks, at just 2.7mm high, makes it an optimal PCB connection solution in any space-constrained application. These terminal blocks feature Push-in CAGE CLAMP® technology, which means that solid or tinned conductors may be terminated by pushing them into the block’s aperture. The push-in termination technology provides a reliable and repeatable alternative to wire soldering. The 2065 series also enables convenient termination/removal of fine-stranded conductors via push-button and operating tool. The tool depresses the push-button to open the spring, while its funneled conductor opening securely guides the stranded conductor into the terminal block. The 2065, which has no insulating housing, is intended for use in applications operating at a Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV), or for connections inside enclosures in which protection against contact with high voltages is provided by the end product.

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