RF Industries’ Multiconductor Cable Harness for Industrial Laser Applications

By News Release | September 15, 2014

RF Industries’ multiconductor cable harness was custom-designed for an industrial laser manufacturer.

RF IndustriesRF Industries' Multiconductor Cable Harness for Industrial Laser Applications has designed a multiconductor cable harness for a manufacturer of industrial lasers used for etching integrated circuit wafers. The application required a series of cables and harnesses to connect the various functions of the machine with a single entry point for the cables to pass through a bulkhead. The electronic signals for the cabling included RF, power, data, and video.

Due to the industrial requirements of the application, the assemblies operate in a high-vibration environment and require sufficient shielding to endure an extremely noisy RF environment. RF Industries provided the design, fabrication, and testing of the various cables, including the methodology to encapsulate the cables into a single lightly armored jacket and to survive the harsh environment. Design and fabrication were provided by the Multi-Conductor product group of RF Industries in San Diego.

News Release
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