RF Industries’ Low PIM .141 Conformable Cable Assemblies

By News Release | January 12, 2015

RF Industries’ low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies are an alternative semi-rigid cable for Distributed Antenna System installations.

RF IndustriesRF Industries' Low PIM .141 Conformable Cable Assemblies has introduced low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies. Standard semi-rigid .141 cable assemblies with a solid jacket metal shield offer excellent electrical and low PIM performance, but for installations with cable bends, special equipment is required to form the cable, requiring advance planning and longer lead times.

RF Industries’ conformable semi-rigid cable assemblies are manufactured with tin-filled, braided outer conductors that exhibit similar electrical properties to solid semi-rigid, but can be hand-formed in the field with no degradation in electrical or PIM performance. The cable has a diameter of .141 inches with a protective insulated blue jacket. The assemblies are available terminated with N male and/or QMA male connectors and are available in standard lengths of three, six, or nine feet or custom lengths. They have a VSWR of under 1.2:1, up to 2,400MHz with an operating frequency up to 3,000MHz. The PIM rating is less than -155 dBc for the N male connectors and -145 dBc for the QMA male connectors using two tones at 20W.

All low PIM cable assemblies manufactured by RF Industries are tested to certify they meet or exceed the advertised specifications. The PIM value is printed on the cable assembly along with a serial number. For verification, a complete PIM performance chart is available by entering the cable serial number in PIM Tracker on the RF Industries website.

For plenum rated requirements, RF Industries manufactures assemblies using Times Microwave TFT-402-LF cable.

News Release
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