RF Industries Low-PIM QMA Cable Assembly

By News Release | February 09, 2015

RF Industries’ Low-PIM QMA cable assembly provides verifiable performance for DAS applications.

RF IndustriesRF Industries low-PIM QMA cable assemblies manufactures cable assemblies using Times Microwave TFT-402-LF plenum-rated, low-loss, low-PIM, flexible cable terminated with QMA male straight or right-angle connectors.

LTE networks experience decreased system performance due to interference caused by passive intermodulation (PIM) in distributed antenna systems (DAS). Traditional cable assemblies with QMA connectors may be a source of PIM. QMA connectors feature a snap-lock connection as an alternative to threaded SMA connectors. QMA with excellent electrical performance up to 6GHz is used in wireless infrastructure applications including DAS.

RF Industries’ Low-PIM QMA cable assembly meets UL910 fire requirements for in-building applications. PIM performance is less than -140dBc using two tones at 20W. Less than -155dBc PIM performance is available on premium QMA straight assemblies.

All low-PIM cable assemblies manufactured by RF Industries are tested to certify they meet or exceed the advertised specifications. The PIM value is printed on the cable assembly along with a serial number. For verification, a complete PIM performance chart is available for download by entering the cable serial number using PIM Tracker on the RF Industries website.

Assemblies are available in standard one- and two-meter lengths as well as custom lengths. In addition to QMA connectors, the assemblies can be terminated with SMA, N, 7-16 DIN, and 4.1-9.5 (mini) DIN connectors.

News Release
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