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Bioconnect’s Medical Cable Reduces Electrical Interference

Developed with a medical device manufacturer, Bioconnect’s medical cable reduces electrical interference and is now available to all customers. Working with a medical device company, Bioconnect, a division of RF Industries, has designed a cable that eliminates unwanted electrical noise. A medical device company developed a mapping catheter system that improved the diagnosis and treatment of atrialRead More

RF Industries Low-PIM QMA Cable Assembly

RF Industries’ Low-PIM QMA cable assembly provides verifiable performance for DAS applications. RF Industries manufactures cable assemblies using Times Microwave TFT-402-LF plenum-rated, low-loss, low-PIM, flexible cable terminated with QMA male straight or right-angle connectors. LTE networks experience decreased system performance due to interference caused by passive intermodulation (PIM) in distributed antenna systems (DAS). Traditional cable assembliesRead More

Cable Material Design Criteria for the Medical Industry

Delivering the optimum cable for the medical industry is much more challenging than it was just a few short years ago: It is no longer just pieces of copper within a non-conductive sleeve adapted to the application. Floyd Henry of Bioconnect examines cable material design criteria for the medical industry.     Cutting-edge cables for aerospaceRead More

RF Industries’ Low PIM .141 Conformable Cable Assemblies

RF Industries’ low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies are an alternative semi-rigid cable for Distributed Antenna System installations. RF Industries has introduced low PIM .141 conformable cable assemblies. Standard semi-rigid .141 cable assemblies with a solid jacket metal shield offer excellent electrical and low PIM performance, but for installations with cable bends, special equipment is requiredRead More

RF Industries’ QMA High-Performance, Low-Loss Assemblies

RF Industries’ QMA high-performance, low-loss assemblies support wireless DAS applications. RF Industries manufactures QMA coax cable assemblies with Time Microwave LMR-240 and LMR-195 low-loss, high-performance cables and RG-142 double-shielded cable. Plenum-rated RG-142 is also available. Cables are terminated with QMA straight and right-angle connectors as well as other connectors, including N, SMA, TNC, BNC, andRead More

RF Industries’ Multiconductor Cable Harness for Industrial Laser Applications

RF Industries’ multiconductor cable harness was custom-designed for an industrial laser manufacturer. RF Industries has designed a multiconductor cable harness for a manufacturer of industrial lasers used for etching integrated circuit wafers. The application required a series of cables and harnesses to connect the various functions of the machine with a single entry point forRead More

RF Industries Low PIM 7/16 DIN Bulkhead Adapter

RF Industries expands its line of 7/16 DIN connectors and adapters with a female-to-female bulkhead adapter. The 7/16 DIN connector interface has been the choice for wireless infrastructure applications for its high-power and low-intermodulation characteristics. RF Industries expanded its line of 7/16 DIN connectors and adapters with a female-to-female bulkhead adapter, part number P2RFD-1654-4. The adapter is manufacturedRead More

RF Industries’ Plenum-Rated Low-PIM Cable Assemblies for DAS

RF Industries’ plenum-rated low-PIM cable assemblies for in-building distributed antenna systems incorporate Mini DIN connectors. The 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN connector interface is essentially a compact version of the 7/16 DIN for applications on DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) and wireless infrastructures. RF Industries manufactures 4.1/9.5 (Mini) DIN male connectors and terminates them onto Times Microwave plenum-rated low-PIM cablesRead More

RF Industries’ Fiber Optic Trunk Cables

RF Industries’ fiber optic trunk cables are available in standard and custom versions for wireless infrastructure applications. Fiber optic cable assemblies are increasingly installed in wireless infrastructure applications to replace copper with fiber-to-the-antenna (FTTA). RF Industries provides factory-terminated fiber optic trunk cables utilizing Corning FREEDM One fiber trunk cable. Available with six-strand single-mode or multi-modeRead More

RF Industries Low PIM 4.1-9.5 Mini DIN Adapters

RF Industries Low PIM 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN Adapters are between-series adapters for the 4.1-9.5 (Mini) DIN, 7-16 DIN, and N type interfaces.  Advanced wireless systems such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) require RF components that, in addition to being highly efficient in signal transfer, must have low PIM (Passive Intermodulation) properties. The N type interface designRead More

RF Industries’ Cable Assemblies for DAS Applications

RF Industries’ cable assemblies for DAS applications use Times Microwave SPP-250-LLPL and TFT-402-LF flexible cables to meet requirements of in-building DAS applications. Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in buildings use large numbers of coaxial cable assemblies with special requirements. The assemblies need to efficiently transfer the RF signal (low loss), reduce the occurrence of interference causedRead More

Cables Unlimited LC-LC Duplex Ruggedized Fiber Jumpers

Cables Unlimited LC-LC Duplex Ruggedized Fiber Jumpers Most wireless systems with remote radio head designs are installed outside, exposed to harsh environments that require ruggedized fiber-to-the-antenna cabling for reliable performance. The LC-LC duplex ruggedized fiber jumpers manufactured by Cables Unlimited, a division of RF Industries, are IP66/67-rated for harsh environments. The assembly is manufactured withRead More

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