Heilind Now Stocks TE’s ITB Card-Edge Connector

By Connector Supplier | September 09, 2013

Heilind Now Stocks TE’s ITB Card-Edge Connector

Heilind Electronics now stocks TE Connectivity’s inverted thru-board (ITB) card-edge connector, which provides a direct power connection between driver boards and the underside of LED array boards. This surface-mounted connector was developed for LED lighting applications and other devices to provide a cableless, space-saving power connection between a driver board and LED-array PCB. When this connector is top-mounted on an array PCB, the perpendicular mating direction into the underside of the array PCB makes the ITB card-edge connector ideal for space-limited applications.

Key features of the ITB card edge connector include:

Designed to be surface-mounted at the same time as other devices on the PCB, eliminating secondary processes
One-piece mating solution for faster and easier assembly operation
Low-profile, space-saving design (1.5mm height above the PCB) minimizes LED light obstruction
Offered in two versions to accept either 1.0mm or 1.2mm thick mating PCBs
Surface-mount hold-downs provide stability during driver board mating and unmating
Round corners minimize shadowing
Flat-top surface for vacuum pick-up
Tape-and-reel packaging for high-speed SMT processing

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