GradConn’s 1.20mm-Pitch Wire-to-Board Range

By News Release | July 14, 2015

GradConn’s 1.20mm-pitch wire-to-board range is perfect for applications in which space is at a premium.

GradConn’sGradConn 1.2mm pitch connector new 1.20mm-pitch wire-to-board range offers a low-profile mated height of 1.45mm above the PCB. Its mating orientation makes it perfect for applications where space is at a premium.

Available in two to six positions, horizontal PCB headers are polarized to avoid mis-mating; housings and headers are plugged together from above, which is easier for operators and allows mating in applications where a traditional end-to-end mating may not fit. The connectors are ideal for applications such as GPS, DVD players, laptops, cell phones, and linear and track SSL lighting.

To prevent mis-mating, the housing’s polarizing “rib” allows mating with the header only in the correct orientation. The mating connectors lock together with an audible click, which aids assembly.

Gold-plated contacts are rated at 1.5A for mating headers and sockets terminated with 28AWG diameter discrete wire. WB06-DA has an operating temperature range of -25°C to +85°C and is packaged in tape and reel.

Cable assemblies are available to suit your design, including connector types from other manufacturers at the other end of the assembly.

News Release
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