JST LBT A-Type Series for Lithium Battery Applications

By News Release | May 18, 2015

The JST LBT A-Type Series for lithium battery applications allows higher current-carrying capability due to a unique heat dissipation feature.

JST LBT A-Type Series for Lithium Battery ApplicationsJST Corporation’s  LBT A-Type Series crimp-style connectors provide space savings for wire-to-board connections, power and signal circuits, and sequencing for lithium battery and other power connection applications.

These SMT connectors have a low profile of 3.0mm (.118″) height when assembled. The LBT A-Type Series offers compact size, incorporates polarization, and ensures stable contact performance under high vibration, distortion, and unexpected external forces. The SMT headers are available in side-entry configuration. Their unique header power contact is designed with a heat dissipation/heat sink feature which radiates the heat away from the power contact permitting higher current-carrying capability.

The connectors are rated at 7A AC/DC (using 20AWG) power and 0.5A AC/DC (using 28AWG) signal at 50V AC/DC. PCB-mounted side-entry headers are available in circuit sizes 3, 5, 7, and 9. The LBT A-Type Series has an operating temperature of -25°C to +85°C including temperature rise when applying an electrical current. The PCB-mounted power contacts are made of tin-plated copper alloy and the signal power contacts are made of phosphor bronze. Molded in a RoHS-compliant 94V-0 material, the polarized housings feature a secure locking system.

News Release
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