L-com Low-Profile Backshell DisplayPort Cable Assemblies

By News Release | October 13, 2014

Similar to the company’s DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, L-com low-profile DisplayPort cable assemblies use a shorter backshell to fit in smaller spaces.

L-com Low-Profile Backshell DisplayPort Cable AssembliesL-com Global Connectivity has launched a line of low-profile backshell DisplayPort cable assemblies. This cable family is identical to L-com’s popular DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, except they use a shorter backshell. Shorter backshells on DisplayPort cable assemblies allow the cables to fit in tighter spaces without compromising performance. DisplayPort cable assemblies are commonly used to transfer audio and video to DisplayPort-enabled PCs and monitors.

L-com’s low-profile DisplayPort cable offering provides a single-cable solution for high-definition digital audio and video for computing displays, graphic cards, and laptops. These assemblies have a smaller connector footprint than DVI and VGA and are offered in a sleek black color.

“We want to continue providing innovative DisplayPort solutions to fit various applications for our customers. The new low-profile cable assemblies are a benchmark,” said Steve Smith, product manager. The low-profile backshell DisplayPort cable assemblies are available in seven cable lengths, ranging from 0.5 to 15 meters.

News Release
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