GradConn’s 1.20mm-Pitch Wire-to-Board Range

GradConn’s 1.20mm-pitch wire-to-board range is perfect for applications in which space is at a premium. GradConn’s new 1.20mm-pitch wire-to-board range offers a low-profile mated height of 1.45mm above the PCB. Its mating orientation makes it perfect for applications where space is at a premium. Available in two to six positions, horizontal PCB headers are polarized toRead More

JST LBT A-Type Series for Lithium Battery Applications

The JST LBT A-Type Series for lithium battery applications allows higher current-carrying capability due to a unique heat dissipation feature. JST Corporation’s  LBT A-Type Series crimp-style connectors provide space savings for wire-to-board connections, power and signal circuits, and sequencing for lithium battery and other power connection applications. These SMT connectors have a low profile of 3.0mm (.118″)Read More

FCI Griplet Low-Profile IDC Terminal

The FCI Griplet low-profile IDC terminal is a compact, miniature connector for wire-to-board terminations. FCI released the Griplet miniature IDC connector for wire-to-board terminations. The connector offers a robust solution for miniature IDC wire-to-board connections. The low profile and compact design make Griplet an ideal connector for applications where space is tight and ease of installation is important. EachRead More

L-com Low-Profile Backshell DisplayPort Cable Assemblies

Similar to the company’s DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, L-com low-profile DisplayPort cable assemblies use a shorter backshell to fit in smaller spaces. L-com Global Connectivity has launched a line of low-profile backshell DisplayPort cable assemblies. This cable family is identical to L-com’s popular DPCAMM DisplayPort cables, except they use a shorter backshell. Shorter backshells on DisplayPort cable assembliesRead More

Sullins FMBx High-Density Card Edge Connectors

Sullins FMBx High-Density Card Edge Connectors are now offered in low-profile, ultra-thin, and high-temperature versions. Sullins Connector Solutions, Inc. expanded its portfolio of high-density 0.050″ (1.27mm) contact center card edge connectors to include the FMBx Series. The new series features high-temperature and low-profile, ultra-thin devices that accommodate boards in thicknesses of 0.031″ (0.80mm), 0.062″ (1.60mm) and 0.093″ (2.40mm).Read More

FCI’s Low-Profile 1.2mm Pitch Wire-to-Board Connector

FCI’s low-profile 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector expands and strengthens its compact connector portfolio. FCI introduced a low-profile, 1.2mm pitch wire-to-board connector. With a mated height of only 2.50mm, this new product line offers a selection of three to six pin counts, making them suitable for many applications. These additions will augment FCI’s existing catalog of compactRead More

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