Design Parameters for Custom Coil Cords

By Contributed Article | February 07, 2014

Consider these design parameters for custom coil cords to ensure a successful application.

red-coil-cordTo work well, each coiled cable design requires a special bulk cord design. Computerized design methods ensure attention to the fine details so your product works properly. Performance limits for coiled cables are controlled by the width of the coil and the elasticity and thickness of the material used for the outer jacket of the cord. Consider the following design parameters for custom coil cords for use in specific applications:

Electrical Shielding
Braided copper shielding is not recommended due to its adverse effect on the retractile properties of a coil cord. A spiral tinned copper shield or foil shield of aluminum/mylar tape is a better choice.

Coil End Direction
The exit direction of the cord ends relative to the coil cord axis may be parallel or at right angles to it. Each end may be different. Special exit angles are possible; consult the manufacturer for these options.

Molded-on Strain Reliefs and Fittings
Injection molding makes possible strain reliefs, 90-degree bends, metallic fittings, or most any desired shape over the cord ends. Consult with the factory for technical support on these options.

Stranded Wires versus Tinsel
Most coiled cords use conventional stranded copper conductors with plastic insulation. For some special applications, the stranded conductors are replaced with tinsel conductors to obtain the highest possible lifetime in rugged environments.

Colors and Color Matching
It is possible to obtain almost any jacket color in plastic cords. If exact color matching is desired, provide the manufacturer with a sample, or match the hue to any of the Pantone or Munsell color charts.

Jacket Material
We suggest factory guidance when selecting jacket materials for a particular application. See the following chart for recommending jacketing material for coil cords.

This information was provided by National Wire & Cable Corporation.

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