Updated: July 13th, 2021

By Mic Cardone, Director of Systems Integration, Tom Chudyk, Sales Director, Fred Morgenstern, Product Director, Janet Tufo, Marketing Director, Neutrik USA, in conversation with Connector Supplier

Demand for ventilators skyrocketed in the early months of the pandemic, inspiring a wave of innovative new equipment designs. However, the success of these fast-to-market inventions centered on finding the right medical-grade connectors. Here’s how one company met the need.

Very early on, it became clear that diagnostic equipment, supplemental oxygen, and ventilators would be critical to the treatment of serious cases of COVID-19. As the pandemic spread around the globe, designers and manufacturers of medical equipment needed to meet a huge demand quickly, even as many electronics supply chains experienced closures or delays. Enterprising engineers developed a wide range of new ventilator designs that could be quickly approved and manufactured using approved medical-grade connectivity products. These new designs could not fail, so the pressure fell on components to ensure reliability. Meanwhile, governments and health care systems also placed large orders for existing equipment models that had been designed around specific connectors. This unprecedented demand helped make connector suppliers a front-line industry during an incredibly challenging time. Connector suppliers and electronics distributors stepped up to play many roles in 2020, demonstrating responsiveness and flexibility under pressure. Here’s how one supplier rose to meet this critical need.

“In March 2020, Neutrik USA began receiving extraordinarily large neutriCON orders from our distributor partners. All of the requests were super urgent,” said Tom Chudyk, Neutrik USA’s sales director. “As so often happens, many of the orders were from different distrib