Circular Mil-Spec Connector Products

By Christine Stieglitz | September 17, 2019

This week’s Product Roundup highlights circular mil-spec connector products from leading suppliers.

Circular Mil-Spec Connector Products

BTC Electronic Components circular mil-spec connector products from BTC is a value-added distributor for Conesys MIL-DTL-26482 Series II bayonet-coupling, rear-removable, crimp-contact connectors, which are both intermountable and interchangeable with Series I solder and front-release crimp connectors and identical to the inactivated MIL-DTL-83723 Series I connectors. Conesys MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connectors are ideal for use in military and commercial aerospace systems and are available in two plug styles: with and without RFI grounding, four receptacle mounting styles: narrow-flange wall-mount, wide-flange wall-mount, cable-connecting, and rear-panel-mount, D-hole jam-nut, and nine shell sizes: 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 with 33 MIL-STD-1669 insert arrangements tooled and qualified to MIL-DTL-26482 Series II and M39029 contacts in sizes 20, 16, and 12 for wire sizes extending from 24–12AWG. They are also available with various shell materials and finishes: passivated stainless steel and aluminum plated with black anodized, electroless nickel, olive drab cadmium over nickel, or zinc cobalt, and offer features including compatibility with universal I/R tools, insert polarization, closed-entry socket inserts, insert seals, elastomer wire sealing grommets, superior contact stability, high shell-to-shell conductivity, and rugged resistance to shock, vibration, EMI/RFI, fluid ingress, and corrosion. Depending on the shell and finish, the series is rated for operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +175°C or +200°C. Variants with RFI plugs are rated for a minimum of 250 mating cycles, while those with standard plugs are rated for a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

TE Connectivity circular mil-spec connector products from TE Connectivity’s O.C.H. Micro Circular Connectors were especially developed for advanced military electronics systems including tactical vests, batteries, antennas, communication systems, power hubs, radios, and military vehicles. These small, lightweight connectors have a ruggedized design with a push-pull breakaway coupling mechanism that enables quick connections and single-action disconnections and meets the rigorous mechanical and performance requirements of both MIL-STD-810G and the U.S. Army’s Nett Warrior program, which was developed to connect ground soldiers directly to the Army’s tactical network through instant communication tools. The series also features robust aluminum shells with both all-over electroless nickel plating and selective zinc/nickel plating, thermoplastic inserts, six or seven gold-over-nickel-plated copper alloy contacts, and multiple keying options to ensure proper mating in demanding battlefield environments. It is rated for a minimum of 100MΩ insulation resistance at 500VDC and for 5A from -18°C to +71°C when crimped to a 22AWG wire and is also resistant to shock and vibration and intermateable with other Nett Warrior products. TE is the second authorized source of Nett Warrior connectors for use in Nett Warrior soldier systems and peripheral devices. circular mil-spec connector products

SV Microwave circular mil-spec connector products from SV Microwave offers a complete line of high-performance SMPM connectors designed to improve on the application density and operating frequency range of SMP connectors in demanding military, aerospace, broadband, instrumentation, and telecommunications systems. The range includes size 12 SMPM D38999 contacts for 0.085” cable, which are qualified to MIL-STD-348 and designed to support high-speed RF applications with frequencies extending from DC to 65GHz and data rates spanning 10–40Gb/s, including routers, next-generation phase arrays, and high-speed semiconductor test equipment. The D38999 contacts feature the company’s RFfortless® snap-on design, which accommodates 0.010” axial and ±0.010” radial misalignment, supports quick and easy mating in even blind-mating designs, and enables very dense packaging possibilities in an array of both standard and custom surface- and cable-mount designs. They are rated for 50Ω impedance, typical VSWR of 1.10:1 to 26.5GHz and 1.3:1 to 50Ghz, greater than or equal to -80dB shielding efficacy, 325Vrms dielectric withstanding voltage, and operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +165°C. Smooth bore variants require 2.5lbs of insertion force and 1.5lbs of extraction force and are rated for 500 mating cycles, while full-detent variants require 4.5lbs of insertion force and 6.5lbs of extraction force and are rated for 100 mating cycles. In addition, all variants are tested to MIL-STD-202 requirements for salt-spray corrosion, vibration, shock, thermal shock, and barometric pressure.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions circular mil-spec connector products from CinchOmega Series connectors are available in a wide variety of configurations that are all qualified to the MIL-C-26500 general-purpose specification and designed to deliver reliable connections in high-vibration, harsh-environment military and aerospace applications. All variants in the series utilize the MIL-C-26500 mating face and employ shielding and environmental sealing mechanisms, and select variations are also qualified to Boeing’s BACC45 general-purpose and BACC63 high-performance connector specifications. The series offers 10 shell sizes extending from 8–28 with bayonet and threaded coupling styles and pin and socket contacts, as well as a range of accessories including Omega contacts, sealing plugs, insertion and removal tools, and support cables and wires designed to prevent the twisting and pulling of Omega cable assemblies. Subseries include square flange receptacle connectors qualified to BACC45FM and BACC45FN, single-hole-mount receptacle connectors, plug connectors qualified to BACC45FS and BACC45FT, limited-wiring-space receptacle connectors, short receptacle connectors, self-locking plug connectors qualified to BACC63BP, vibration-resistant receptacles qualified to BACC63BV, vibration-proof plug connectors qualified to BACC63CB, vibration-resistant receptacles qualified to BACC63CC, and vibration-proof plug connectors qualified to BACC63BN. circular mil-spec connector products

Newarkcircular mil-spec connector products from Amphenol Aerospace stocks Amphenol Aerospace MIL-DTL-38999 Series III TV connectors for high-reliability, harsh-environment applications including military and commercial aviation and space equipment, military vehicles, missiles and ordnance, and command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. Designed for versatility, the series is available in a wide and ever-extending range of configurations designed to meet various applications demands. Tri-Start™ MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors with aluminum or stainless steel shells employ several different design features and plating options for increased protection against EMI, corrosion, extreme vibration, ingress, leakage, and high temperatures up to 200°C. They have quick-coupling nuts that mate and self-lock with a simple 360° turn; solid metal-to-metal couplings, grounding fingers, and thicker wall sections for superior EMI shielding (a minimum of 65dB at 10GHz); scoop-proof shells with recessed pins to prevent contact damage; interfacial seals to prevent electrolytic erosion; and Faraday Cages for ESD protection. They are also available with hermetic sealing, integral strain relief, deep-reach shells for thick panels, and stand-off flange shells for PCB attachments. Tri-Start MIL-DTL-38999 Series III connectors with lightweight, corrosion-resistant composite shells deliver the same high performance as the series’ metal-shell options, but with 17–40% weight savings compared to aluminum shell solutions and 60–70% weight savings compared to stainless steel solutions and extended-life contacts rated for a minimum of 1,500 couplings. In addition, stainless steel variants are also qualified to BACC63DB and BACC63DC specifications and composite variants are also qualified to BACC63CT and BACC63CU specifications.

Avnet circular mil-spec connector products from TE Deutsch stocks TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH ACT Series MIL-DTL-38999 Series III composite connectors, which are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and qualified to both MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and EN3645 specifications. The series features a triple-start coupling mechanism with anti-decoupling ratchet for rugged resistance against high vibration, a grounded plug for superior EMI shielding, and 100% scoop-proof contacts for blind-mate coupling capabilities. Designed to provide extreme reliability and versatility in a broad range of harsh-environment military and aerospace applications, the series offers a variety of options including straight plug, square flange, and jam-nut receptacle configurations in nine shell sizes spanning 9–25; electroless nickel and olive drab cadmium plating materials rated to withstand up to 2,000 hours of salt spray; and 43 MIL-DTL-1560 insert arrangements made of thermoplastic and fluorinated silicone elastomer and designed to accommodate 2–128 power, signal, or combined power and signal pins rated for 1,500 mating cycles. The series also offers six keying options, fluorinated silicone elastomer O-rings, 0–37 power pins rated for 5–43A, and 0–128 signal pins, and accepts several wire gauge ranges extending from 10–8AWG to 28–22AWG. It is rated for operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +200°C and available in variants designed for compliance, partial compliance, or non-compliance with RoHS and EU ELV directives. circular mil-spec connector products

Air Electro, Inc. circular mil-spec connector products from Souriau is a franchised, value-added distributor for SOURIAU’s MIL-DTL-26482 Series I and II connectors and their commercial equivalents, SOURIAU’s 851 Series, both of which provide high-reliability electrical connections in a wide range of critical harsh-environment applications, including military and commercial aircraft, military communications systems, oil and gas equipment, off-road vehicles, robotics and machine tools, and industrial equipment. These compact and lightweight circular connectors support power, signal, and combined power and signal layouts to reduce system complexity and minimize component and installation costs and have aluminum alloy shells with a quick-disconnect bayonet coupling system that features high-strength aluminum coupling rings, rugged stainless steel bayonet pins, and a one-third-turn coupling mechanism that eases and hastens installation and provides both audible and tactile confirmation of proper mating. They also have molded elastomer insulators that are bonded into the shells and designed to accommodate 2–61 copper alloy contacts with gold or tin-over-nickel plating and either integrated elastomer grommets for crimp contact variants or accessory elastomer grommets for solder contact variants. Additional options include a wide range of body styles, back fittings, terminations, and plating materials, IP and hermetic seals, solder and thermocouple crimp contacts, and keying and polarization features. The series is designed to withstand climatic ingress and exposure to salt spray and corrosive atmospheres for 500 hours, is rated for 500 mating cycles and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C, is compliant with RoHS, REACH, and UL94 HB standards, and conforms to MIL-DTL-26482G Series I, NFC 93422, HE 301B, VG 95328, and GAM/T1 international standards. Air Electro maintains a large inventory of the various series components and can build the full breadth within 48 hours.

Materion circular mil-spec connector products from Materion’s Alloy M25 is a high-strength, high-conductivity copper beryllium alloy that’s ideal for circular and coaxial connector contacts employed in heavy-duty, harsh-environment military, telecom, aircraft, and automotive applications, including 5G infrastructure. Alloy M25 is based on Alloy 25, which provides both the highest strength of any copper beryllium alloy and considerably greater electrical and thermal conductivity than other high-strength copper alloys but has a slightly lower beryllium content and features the addition of lead, which enables excellent machinability. Available in rod and wire forms, Alloy M25 provides high tensile strength and high fatigue strength, which enables high-mating-cycle socket contacts, and also exhibits high resistance to wear, corrosion, galling, and stress relaxation. The material meets specifications and standards including MIL-C-2165 (rod), ASTM B196 (rod), ASTM B197 (wire), EN 12164 (rod and wire), and EN 1216 (wire). circular mil-spec connector products

Smiths Interconnect circular mil-spec connector products from Smiths Interconnect’s MIL-DTL-38999 Differential Quadrax/Twinax Connectors and Cable Assemblies support data rates in excess of 2Gb/s data and bandwidth up to 3GHz, and can be driven via matched impedance differential pair interconnections for reliable, high-speed, board-to-board data transfer. Designed to enable the reliable, high-speed transfer of digital audio and video signals, the series is ideal for high-speed Ethernet, FireWire, and Fibre Channel applications in the commercial aerospace, defense, space, and railway markets, including military and commercial avionics, engine, satcom, and soldier communications systems, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) systems, radar systems, satellite launchers, ground systems, and geostationary-, medium-, and low-Earth-orbit satellites. It also offers superior performance in high-speed matched impedance data-on-demand applications. The series’ signal-to-signal and signal-to-shield characteristic impedance is maintained throughout the connector pair, and its true twinaxial connector interface maintains signal integrity while minimizing jitter and data rate errors. Various shell styles, sizes, material/plating configurations, insert arrangements, contact types and terminations, and polarizations are available to support broad design flexibility.

Interstate Connecting Components (ICC) circular mil-spec connector products from Souriau stocks SOURIAU’s 8D Series MIL-DTL-38999 Series III / EN3645 glass-sealed hermetic connectors, which deliver high-hermeticity performance in a wide range of military and aerospace applications. These D38999 mil-spec hermetic connectors are available with robust passivated or nickel-plated stainless steel shells in nine sizes spanning #9–25 and in easy-to-install square flange, easy-to-replace jam nut, compact solder-mount, and weld-mount quick receptacle styles with screw couplings according to EN3645 and MIL-DTL-38999 standards. They are also available with numerous orientation/polarization options, silicone elastomer seals, 3–66 gold-plated ferrous alloy signal and power contacts in six sizes spanning # 4–22D, and solder cup or PCB terminations. The series is rated for 3–60A per contact, a minimum of 45dB (Class Y) or 65dB (Class N) shielding at 10GHz, 5,000MΩ insulation resistance under 500VDC, operating temperatures extending from -65°C to 200°C, and 500 mating cycles. It is also resistant to 48 (Class N) or 500 (Class Y) hours of salt spray, fluids per MIL-DTL-38999, and short immersion in gasoline, mineral hydraulic fluid, and synthetic hydraulic fluid. Other options include special fuel tank versions designed for long-term fuel immersion and maximum operating temperatures of 105°C and 230V-qualified versions designed to help reduce overall cable weight. 

PEI-Genesis circular mil-spec connector products from TE Deutsch stocks TE Connectivity’s DEUTSCH DTS Series MIL-DTL-38999 Series III/EN3645 connectors for military and aerospace applications that require extremely reliable connections, including military and commercial aircraft, communications equipment, armored personnel carriers and tanks, missiles, and shipboard systems, as well as high-temperature industrial applications. DEUTSCH DTS connectors are quick-mating, environmentally sealed, polarized, triple-lead threaded, and self-locking; deliver outstanding EMI/RFI shielding protection, with minimum attenuation of 50dB from 100MHz to 10GHz; and exhibit rugged resistance to shock, vibration, and chemicals including lubricating oils, hydraulic fluids, and coolants. These high-density connectors are available with aluminum or stainless steel shells, four shell platings (electroless nickel, olive drab chromate over nickel, black zinc nickel, and nickel PTFE), rigid plastic dielectric insulators, fluorinated silicone-based elastomer seals, a variety of D38999 backshells, and 2–128 scoop-proof copper alloy contacts plated with 50μin of gold and available in four sizes (12, 16, 20, and 22D) and five types (crimp, fiber optic, coax, twinax, and PCB). They are rated for 300–900VAC operating voltage depending on the service rating (N, M, I, or II), 3–23A test current depending on contact and wire size (24–12AWG), operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +175°C or +200°C depending on shell and plating materials, and a minimum of 500 mating cycles.

Fairview Microwave circular mil-spec connector products from Fairview’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) MIL-DTL-17 RF cable assemblies are designed for use in military, aerospace, defense, transportation, telecommunication applications including electronic countermeasure (ECM) and avionics equipment, unmanned systems, identification: friend or foe (IFF) systems, global positioning systems (GPS), satcom systems, and other applications with a high cost of failure. The series features MIL-C-17-qualified cable, MIL-PRF-39012-qualified connectors, J-STD soldering ,and AS23053 heat shrink, operates at frequencies up to 12.4 GHz with VSWR as low as 1.3:1 per connector, and offers of six different cable types in 124 basic configurations for a total of more than 1,200 part numbers — all of which are available for same-day shipping with lot traceability and test reports. circular mil-spec connector products

Pasternack circular mil-spec connector products from Pasternack’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), military-grade MIL-DTL-17 RF cable assemblies for military, aerospace, transportation, autonomous vehicle, and other mission-critical applications deliver operating frequencies of up to 12.4GHz and VSWR as low as 1.3:1 per connector. The assemblies are comprised of MIL-DTL-17-qualified cable, MIL-PRF-39012-qualified connectors, AS23053 heat shrink, and J-STD soldering, and are available in 124 basic configurations with six different cable types for a total of more than 700 part numbers that are all available for same-day shipment with no minimum order quantity.

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