ARINC Rack and Panel Connectors

By Christine Stieglitz | June 18, 2019

This week’s Product Roundup highlights leading suppliers’ ARINC rack and panel connectors for commercial and military aviation applications.

ARINC Rack and Panel Connectors

ITT CannonARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from ITT’s BKA ARINC 600 connectors for commercial aviation applications provide exceptional versatility, optimum harsh-environment performance, and high reliability in applications including avionics, cabin, and in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems. These high-density, blind-mating interconnects are available in single-, three-, and six-gang configurations with field-replaceable inserts designed to accommodate up to 800 low-insertion-force (LIF) high-speed and ultra-high-speed contacts, including OctoGig™ termini for 10GbE, ARINC-801-compatible fiber optic termini, and multi-signal quadrax contacts capable of up to 2.5Gb/s. The series features rectangular, nickel-plated aluminum alloy shells in several hard- and float-mount receptacle and plug styles with thermoset insulators, copper alloy retaining clips, removable polarizing posts, and various contact options, including front- and rear-release crimp, solder, coax, twinax, triax, quadrax, fiber optic, wire-wrap, and MIL-C-39029 styles (many of which are available in sizes 12, 16, 20, and 22), as well as size 22 stamped PCB contacts that offer significant cost savings over traditional machined contacts. The series also offers power and signal in the same layout and optional waveguide connections, is available in environmental and non-environmental versions, and is rated for 26–6 AWG, 2–46A, up to 300V, 500 mating cycles, and operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +125°C.

TE ConnectivityARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from TE Connectivity’s ARINC 600 receptacles employ a proven stamped and formed contact system with hollow contacts and selective gold-plating on critical contact tines — rather than the traditional, solid, screw-machined, and completely gold-plated contact system utilized by traditional ARINC 600 connectors — to deliver up to 10% weight savings, depending on the insert arrangement, in addition to considerable cost savings. They have single-piece monoblock inserts that simplify the manufacturing process and further reduce costs, are fully intermateable with existing ARINC 600 plug connectors, and deliver excellent electrical performance and reliability equivalent to the standard design in applications including flight control, in-flight entertainment, in-flight network, collision avoidance, and air-to-ground communications systems, as well as in military ground vehicles. The receptacles are currently available in two housing sizes (2 and 3) with high-strength copper alloy solder tail or press-fit power and Quadrax contacts in selectively loaded configurations with up to 150 positions, and with four sizes of power contacts (22, 20, 16, and 12) each rated for 5–23A. They are resistant to shock, vibration, thermal cycling, fluid ingress, and humidity, and are rated for 500 mating cycles in operating temperatures extending from -65°C to +125°C.

Smiths InterconnectARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from Smiths Interconnect’s High-Speed ARINC 600 Series offers a complete line of differential twinax and quadrax connectors and cable assemblies ideal for use in high-speed, matched-impedance, data-on-demand applications in the commercial aerospace and defense industries, including Ethernet, Firewire, Fibre Channel, 100Base-T, and high-speed video hot-links. The series reliably achieves high density, high data throughput (2+Gb/s), and superior signal integrity, maintains signal-to-signal and signal-to-shield characteristic impedance throughout the connector pair, and minimizes jitter and data rate errors. It is available in three shell sizes with cadmium or electroless nickel plating and six standard insert arrangements designed to be fitted with Ethernet-based 100Ω quad contacts, 100Ω or 150Ω matched impedance differential pair contacts, ruggedized expanded beam fiber optic contacts, and concentric triaxial contacts capable of accommodating numerous low-loss twinaxial and concentric triaxial cables in a variety of impedance values. The series also offers custom insert arrangements, anti-rotational cavities, and solder cup, PC tail, and crimp contact terminations.

Cinch Connectivity SolutionsARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from Cinch’ new C-ENX™ Galley Connectors are designed and built to the ARINC 810 standard for use in commercial aerospace galley applications, including beverage makers, ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, chillers, and trash compactors, and are also standardized to BAC and EN4644. They feature stackable nickel-plated aluminum shells that provide weight reductions and mechanical protection and don’t require any additional space for locking and unlocking, modular inserts with interchangeable and intermateable parts that reduce manufacturing and operating costs, spring-floating mounting hardware that compensates for equipment and cabinet misalignment and supports blind mating, centered guide pins and sockets that further support blind mating, and standardized contacts that help ensure timely availability. They can also accommodate six power contacts and 24 signal contacts and can include a twinax connector for CAN data bus connections. In addition, like all C-ENX connectors, the new C-ENX Galley Connectors provide optimized stacking capabilities and space reductions compared to circular connectors, employ the same panel cutouts to reduce rework and complexity, enable field replacement, and require standard mil-spec tools for contact crimping, insertion, and extraction. Further, its C-DMX™ connectors, which are based on BAC, ARINC 809, and EN4165 specifications and designed to minimize size and weight, also provide optimal solutions for commercial aerospace applications, including in-flight entertainment, cabin lighting, and avionics systems. These connectors are easy to install and maintain, require minimal additional tooling, can be wire terminated or PCB mounted, support multiple inserts, including signal, power, data, and fiber, and offer environmental durability, built-in polarization with several keying codes, and EMI protection.

RadiallARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from Radiall offers a comprehensive range of rack and panel connectors for military, aerospace, industrial, medical, space, telecom, and test and measurement applications. Solutions include NSX Series ARINC 600 Connectors, which enable the widest range of mix-and-match solutions, including a receptacle that provides up to 20% cost saving and 10% weight savings without compromising on reliability or performance; DSX Series ARINC 404/SAE AS 81659 Connectors — a proven solution used in most major civil and military avionics and available in several versions; EPX™ Series EN 4644 Connectors, which feature a modular, lightweight, and high-density shell that can be used on standalone PCB architecture; and MPX Series EN3682/MIL-DTL-83527 Connectors — a ruggedized version of the ARINC 600 solutions that combines a robust, high-density construction with high conductivity corrosion resistance, and enhanced sealing. In addition, Radiall’s Q-MTitan™ is the new ARINC 846 standard for multi-fiber aerospace connectivity.  Designed for high-density, high-data-rate applications, including radar, in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems, and cockpit displays, Q-MTitan contacts incorporate and protect an MT ferrule, enable the mating of 12 optical fibers in the #8 quadrax cavities of several commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) multi-pin connectors, deliver excellent optical performance in harsh environments, are rated for 500-cycle durability, and can be combined with Radiall’s D-Lightsys® multichannel transceivers to transmit 120Gb/s. The rugged, cost-effective contacts can withstand up to 41.7Grms vibration and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C, and can be fielded with ribbon or round multi-fiber cables, such as ARINC 802 (Annex K), to deliver small, lightweight, and cost-effective high-bandwidth solutions in both new and existing designs. They have passed full qualification tests inside MIL-DTL-38999, NSX ARINC 600, EN4644 EPX, EN4165, and QuickFusio™ connectors, and are available in several different versions that are compatible with both these and EN3545 and EPX® connectors.

NicomaticARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from Nicomatic’s new OPTIMUS EN4165-compliant I/O connectors provide robust, modular, hybrid power and signal solutions for harsh-environment aeronautics, mil/aero, and vehicle electronics applications. Features include EMI protection and environmental sealing, straight and 90° cabled and PCB configurations, multiple high-density layouts with up to 320 total contacts, and a tool-free quick-lock mechanism that reduces assembly time, proves especially useful in hard-to-access systems, and offers rugged vibration resistance. OPTIMUS is currently available as a custom solution, with standard solutions scheduled to launch at the 2019 Paris Air Show. ARINC rack and panel connectors

PEI-GenesisARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from PEI and ITT stocks ITT Cannon’s DPX ARINC 404 miniature, blind-mating rack and panel connectors for aerospace applications. The series is available in one- to four-gang configurations designed to accommodate up to 424 captive-solder-type (DPX) or removable (DMXMA/DPXME) contacts. Several variants feature the company’s LITTLE CAESAR contact assembly, which supports the rear insertion, release, and extraction of crimp-type contacts, and variants with DPXA shells have keystone-shaped polarization posts that are capable of providing up to 99 polarization positions. The series also offers float- and hard-mount plugs and receptacles made of aluminum alloy plated with cadmium and yellow chromate or olive drab materials and contact options including machined crimp, solder, PCB, coax, twinax, triax, quadrax, fiber optic, MIL-C-29029, and cost-saving size 22 stamped styles. Additional features include environmental sealing and hybrid power and signal configurations. The series is rated for 20–6 AWG, 2–46A, up to 300V, 500 mating cycles, and operating temperatures extending from -55°C to +125°C.ARINC rack and panel connectors

Kensington Electronics, Inc.ARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from Kensington and Smiths stocks Smiths Interconnect’s L Series High-Density Modular Connectors, which allow users to quickly and easily build custom cable-to-panel and rack-and-panel solutions that satisfy their exact application requirements with off-the-shelf components including various frame lengths and styles — ranging from basic frames with two side rails and two end caps to complex versions with half-turn, quick-disconnect jackscrews, metal backshells, plastic hoods, strain relief, and cable clamps — various module lengths and styles capable of supporting custom combinations with a single connector frame, and various fixed and snap-in signal, power, and coaxial contacts. The series also employs Hypertac® hyperboloid contacts, which exhibit low insertion and extraction forces in even high-density configurations, as well as excellent immunity to shock and vibration, and deliver high-reliability performance for up to 100,000 mating cycles. Additional features include minimal contact resistance, efficient power consumption, high current ratings up to 200A per contact, outstanding design flexibility, low cost of ownership, a float-mounting option that enables blind mating, and optional compliance with EN45545 standards. The series is ideal for use in harsh-environment defense, industrial, medical, and rail applications with demanding ruggedization and durability requirements, including heavy equipment and machinery, factory automation and test and measurement equipment, rolling stock, and other rail infrastructure.

BTC ElectronicsARINC Rack and Panel Connectors from BTC and Cinch offers Cinch Connectivity Solutions’ C-ENX™ Series EN 4644 modular rectangular connectors, which offer a wide range of solutions based on two insert sizes compatible with various shells and contacts and approved to the EN 4644 European Standard. The series is available with Cinch EBOSA™ Expanded Beam Technology, which expands and collimates the optical beam up to 2,000 times the original beam size, making airborne dirt nearly benign to beam continuity and integrity, and has patented active alignment technology for ultra-high-precision connections with standard LC ferrules, which achieves excellent insertion loss and reflectance performance. The series is slim, modular, and expandable, and is available with aluminum, stainless steel, or composite shells that can accommodate a range of keyed inserts and high-density signal, power, coax, data bus, fiber optic, and high-frequency BMA contacts. Optional ground blocks are available to meet FAA HIRF requirements, pin and socket inserts can be installed in plug or receptacle shells, common panel cut-outs simplify connector installation, inserts can be easily installed in and removed from shells, and vibration-resistant self-locking threads provide enhanced robustness. ARINC rack and panel connectors

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