Yamaichi IC500 Open Top Series with Movable Ground Pin

By Connector Supplier | May 17, 2013

Yamaichi IC500 Open Top Series Now with Movable Ground Pin

Yamaichi Electronics enhanced its famous double shoulder contact IC500 Open Top series with the addition of a movable ground pin option to match QFP-type IC packages with exposed pads.

Today’s equipment requires continuously increasing amounts of embedded electronic components. At the same time, the trend for more compact footprints is making IC packages denser than ever.

The QFP has proven to be a popular choice when it comes to combining high functionality with excellent connection reliability. With its gull wing-shaped lead feet surface mount, QFP resists vibration, flexing, warping, and other stresses to the PCB. This mechanical reliability makes QFP the first choice for industries with harsh operating conditions, such as automotive.

Features of this socket family include high contact reliability, no lead foot touching, movable ground pin option, and full auto-load capability.

The IC500 movable ground pin sockets are equipped with either crown-shaped or flat head ground pins, depending on customer requirements.

Additionally, to meet the challenge of the exposed pad connection, in which a spring-loaded center pin may push the package away from its ideal insertion plane during loading, Yamaichi Electronics has applied a new design to the ground pin in its IC500 series socket. The revolutionary design allows the center pin to actuate in conjunction with the movement of the push cover. While the push cover is being held down, the center pin retracts completely to guide the package into its position. When the push cover is released, double shoulder contacts are actuated first, holding the package firmly in its plane before the center pin comes into action. This two-step actuation ensures that the IC500 series remains auto-load-capable and reliable for all future test and burn-in applications.

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