Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 Connectors

Yamaichi Electronics’ USB 3.1 connectors extend an already broad USB product line. Yamaichi Electronics expanded its portfolio of USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 products with the new USB series 3.1 that includes a standard line of types A and C, both in plug and socket variants. Cable assemblies in a number of combinations are also available. The nine-pin versionRead More

Yamaichi Y-Con Cable Assembly Product Line

The Yamaichi Y-Con cable assembly product line includes adapter cables with M12 and push-pull connectors that terminate to RJ45 and USB interfaces.  Yamaichi Electronics’ Y-Con product line provides adapter cables with M12 or push-pull connectors that connect to RJ45 or USB interfaces. All the required connector components are available on-site at Yamaichi, so the entire cable assembly can be manufactured at a single production location. Yamaichi ElectronicsRead More

DesignCon 2015 Wrap-Up

DesignCon celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, and Bob Hult was there to report on the newest developments in high-speed connector technology.   DesignCon 2015 celebrated its 20th anniversary as the premier showcase for high-speed chip, connector, and PCB board technology. More than 170 technical sessions organized in 14 conference tracks and three keynote addresses provided attendees with the latestRead More

Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD Connectors

The Yamaichi FAKRA and HSD connectors portfolio for automotive applications has added a standard I/O series to its product lines. FAKRA connectors are coaxial high-frequency connectors that meet the requirements of DIN20860 and USCAR 17 and 18. They are used in the transmission of a variety of signals, such as shortwave, mobile telephony, GPS, or telematicsRead More

Yamaichi eQSFP+ Connector for 40/100GbE and InfiniBand

With the increasing demand for a faster and more reliable form factor signal transmission interface, Yamaichi Electronics developed the eQSFP+ connector for 40/100GbE and Infiniband. With the increasing demand for a faster and more reliable form factor signal transmission interface, Yamaichi Electronics introduced its high-speed 32Gb/s enhanced Quad Small Form-factor Pluggable plus (eQSFP+) host connector, CN120-038-000*.Read More

Yamaichi Y-Circ P Push-Pull Circular Connector

The Yamaichi Y-Circ P Push-Pull Circular Connector offers cost benefits due to materials reduction and a space-saving design. Yamaichi Electronics introduced a series of circular connectors with a push-pull locking mechanism. The connectors, which are made in Germany, offer cost benefits due to materials reduction and a space-saving design. The Y-Circ P connectors have a push-pull locking mechanism that permits the simple insertion andRead More

Yamaichi SO-DIMM Sockets

Yamaichi SO-DIMM sockets expand the supplier’s family of production use and test & burn-in sockets. With the CN111S and CN112S series, Yamaichi brings to market new socket versions for DDR2 and DDR3 SO-DIMM memory modules. With these two new series, Yamaichi is expanding its large family of production use and test & burn-in sockets. TheRead More

Yamaichi Non-ZIF HF512S for High-Speed Board-to-Cable Connections

A new high-speed connector series, Yamaichi Non-ZIF HF512S connectors are an innovative solution in the field of FFC/FPC connectors with 0.5mm pitch. The Yamaichi Non-ZIF HF512S is part of the Non-ZIF connector family as well as the high-speed portfolio. That means quick, reliable assembly of the FFC/FPC with no need to open/close a flap orRead More

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