Updated: July 10th, 2018

Versatile wireless Ethernet gateway products can streamline designs and clean up complex cable situations.

Wireless Ethernet gateways are a versatile all-in-one product, combining the function of a wireless access point with a router, while also serving as a firewall. Adding these devices to a design provides wireless connectivity to multiple users and pieces of equipment. It can provide a dynamic host configuration protocol to individual users, collect information from equipment through sensors in an industrial environment, or enable wireless coordination across equipment. They streamline designs, clean up work environments by eliminating the need for many cables, and make network installation faster and easier.

Companies that specialize in industrial computing equipment, including NuWave, Prosoft, and Moxa, typically offer these products. Now, WAGO has added one to its line of connectors, terminal blocks, and automation equipment — the first connector company to do so. We talk to Charlie Norz, product manager, WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM about the company’s new wireless Ethernet gateway (WEG) and how these products are influencing industrial design.

Connector Supplier: Why should someone use a wireless Ethernet gateway?

Charlie Norz: On the plant floor, many PLCs and other devices communicate via Ethernet protocols. If a new machine is added and needs to communicate with other devices, electricians need to run Ethernet cables from the new equipment to other