In the latest installment of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants, Bill Garver takes a detailed look at the engineering phase of new product design.

This article is part of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants.

Connector product designIn a previous article, we suggested that to ensure a successful connector development process and launch, companies need to optimize the talents of their employees to assure that critical needs are addressed by a four-phase process. The four phases are creative/innovative, engineering/scientific, implementation/manufacturing, and release/launch.

Unlike the earlier creative/innovative phase, in which a small team of six to eight individuals each works alone to create concepts and ideas that they later share in brainstorming, this engineering/scientific phase requires many highly skilled engineers spanning all aspects of product and manufacturing design. To be effective, it takes an interactive team of people from each dis