Updated: December 27th, 2019

In the latest installment of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants, Bill Garver takes a detailed look at the creative phase of new connector development.

This article is part of the “Connector Basics” series from APEX Electrical Interconnection Consultants.

Creative ideas in connector develoopmentIn a previous article, we suggested that to ensure a successful product development and launch, manufacturers need to optimize the talents of their employees to be sure that critical needs are addressed. We discussed the phases of the new product process, each requiring specific and different skill sets:

  • Creative/innovative
  • Engineering/scientific
  • Implementation/manufacturing
  • Release/launch

Let’s look at the creative/innovative phase of development in more detail.

Getting Started

Before the onset of the new product development, management should assign a project manager who has accountability for each phase. This individual must recognize the skills needed to successfully complete the tasks and must assign the most effective personnel to each phase. The project manager, working in con