Sekisui Chemical to Sell Large-Capacity Solar Power Houses

By News Release | October 22, 2013

Sekisui Chemical to Sell Large-Capacity Solar Power Houses

Japan’s Sekisui Chemical Co. will launch a new kind of custom-built, single-family house with a large-capacity solar power generation system. The Smart Power Station house can generate greater amounts of excess electricity to sell to power companies, allowing customers to pay no utility costs and earn money from electricity sales.

The company hopes that the new home will spur demand at a time when the country’s housing industry is concerned about a possible downturn following last-minute demand ahead of a planned rise in the consumption tax rate to 8% from 5% in April 2014.

The new home features integrated roofs, solar panels, and extended eaves, allowing a standard house with a total floor space of about 1,065 square feet to generate more than 10 kilowatts, twice the amount of previous models.

Buyers of the new house can earn a total of about $49,000 over 20 years from selling excess electricity.

Sekisui Chemical aims for sales of 300 units in fiscal 2013 and 1,200 units in fiscal 2014.

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