Kerite High-Voltage Shielded Power Cable

By News Release | March 10, 2014

The new Kerite high-voltage shielded power cable provides unparalleled reliability and performance with more than 40 years of failure-free service.

Kerite High Voltage Shielded CableKerite, a manufacturer of high-quality insulated utility underground power cable, announced a full line of high-voltage (HV) power cable, available in voltages ranging from 46kV thru 138kV. Whether directly buried or in conduits, Kerite’s HV cable is ideal for a wide variety of electrical transmission system applications, including internal substation bus connections, capacitor bank hookups, congested transmission easements, and power plant feeders, as well as river and bridge crossings and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Kerite’s unique insulation system ensures reliability. The specially formulated discharge-resistant ethylene propylene rubber DR-EPR insulation has electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties that guarantee long-term field performance.

Kerite HV cable is the most flexible in the industry, guaranteeing easier installation and racking in the field. With the lowest conductor-shield-to-insulation interface stresses, Kerite HV cable offers extremely long service life. Its discharge-resistant insulation is immune to the degrading effects of corona. Kerite’s insulation is proven to operate in even the wettest environments, without the need for moisture-impervious shields.

Kerite HV cable uses a proprietary non-conducting Permashield stress control layer as the conductor shield, which allows for 100% testing during the extrusion process to ensure no voids or breaks that could result in premature cable failures.

Offered with either copper or aluminum conductors, Kerite HV power cables come with hundreds of options for conductor size, material, voltage, insulation system, metallic shielding, and jacket material.

News Release
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