JST’s JFPS Series Wire-to-Board Connectors

By News Release | November 03, 2015

JST’s JFPS Series wire-to-board connectors are ideal for high-vibration and high-current applications.

JST’sJST wire to board connectors new JFPS Series wire-to-board, 8.8mm (.346″) pitch, crimp-style connectors offer high reliability and provide stable contact performance under high-vibration, distortion, and high-current conditions. The headers and housings incorporate polarization, keying, and secure locking features. The unique contact locking feature is internal to the housing, thereby eliminating contact backout and damage through handling external locking lances. The positive locking system is designed to fit inside the envelope of the header, making it possible to stack the headers close together and still be able to release the positive lock. To facilitate proper mating, connectors offer keying and color coding.

The JFPS Series is available in two- and three-circuit sizes rated 35A (using 10AWG) at 600V (AC/DC). The contacts are tin-plated over a copper alloy base material and accommodate a wire range of 12AWG to 10AWG. Temperature range is -40°C to +105°C including temperature rise in applying electrical current. PCB-mounted headers are available in top-entry configuration. Housings are molded in a RoHS-compliant 94V-0 material.

Contacts are offered on standard size reels for semi-automatic or fully automatic application tooling.

News Release
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