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By Connector Supplier | March 03, 2014

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Worldwide headquarters: Paris, France

North American headquarters: Tempe, Ariz., US

About the Company

Radiall was founded in 1952 to make coaxial plugs for the emerging television industry. Today, Radiall is a global manufacturer of high-reliability interconnect components for numerous demanding industries, including aerospace, defense, industrial, medical, and telecommunications.

Radiall understands the unique challenges its customers face and has the expertise to bring forward solutions specific to them and their industries. Interconnect technology expertise and market knowledge combined with accessibility make Radiall a valued partner to leading brands across the globe.

With expertise centers and manufacturing locations on three continents and 13 countries, Radiall provides its customers product innovation, personalized support, and superior logistics.

 Product Offering

Radiall AntennasAntennas
Radiall provides highly reliable antenna solutions for industrial and military applications. Solutions include line-of-sight tactical communications, vehicular mount, GPS, telemetry, and mesh networks. For optimum performance requirements, Radiall offers custom antenna solutions and support.



Radiall Fiber OpticsFiber Optics
This product range includes high-performance standard and custom interfaces, termini, connectors, harnesses, and optical links and subsystems as well as active optical solutions by D-Lightsys, which are optimized for harsh environments. From optical transceivers to the world’s smallest parallel optics, D-Lightsys technologies support the most challenging applications.


Radiall Microwave ComponentsMicrowave Components
Radiall has a wide range of coaxial devices, including terminations, attenuators, and couplers using standard interfaces from low to high power. The company’s state-of-the-art techniques enable it to produce microwave components for use in commercial, military, and space applications.



Radiall Multipin ConnectorsMultipin Connectors
Radiall has an unmatched range of rack-and-panel connectors and innovative modular and tool-less connectors used in harnesses and equipment connections. Its modern designs combine light weight, high performance levels, and user-friendly features to simplify even the most complex connections.



Radiall RF Cable AssemblyRF Cable Assembly
Radiall has an extensive range of cable assemblies with outstanding electrical performance, low loss, and high frequency. The range includes flexible, semi-rigid, and hand-formable cable assemblies. Its TestPro range meets the stringent requirements needed for test and lab applications.



Radiall RF Coaxial ConnectorsRF Coaxial Connectors
Radiall offers a wide range of RF coaxial connectors in the industry, with more than 6,000 part numbers and 72 product series, including AEP Mil QPL connectors. These precision-made components are a significant part of the company’s heritage and essential to its legacy.



Radiall-rf-microwave-switches-II-030414RF and Microwave Switches
All Radiall switches provide exceptional reliability and performance. A unique modular and patented design of the actuator and transmission link enables Radiall to guarantee operation up to 10 million cycles with excellent repeatability, while reducing delivery times.



Radiall Space Qualified ComponentsSpace-Qualified Components
Industry leaders across the globe recognize the Radiall brand for quality, reliability, and performance. Its space-qualified passive product offering includes a wide range of coaxial connectors, cable assemblies, microwave components, and switches with a frequency range up to Ka band.



Legacy Product

In the spring of 1952, brothers Yvon and Lucien Gattaz founded Radiall. Yvon Gattaz was the entrepreneur who took care of the commercial and financial aspect of the business, while Lucien was the inventor. He was more interested in the technical aspects of research and production. In 1953, they bought their first workshop in Paris. Their slogan for their company was “Quick and Good.”

At that time, France intended to be a world leader in television by using higher frequencies through its SECAM standard: The antenna had to be linked to the TV monitor with a coaxial cable. Yvon and Lucien worked hard to invent a cheap and easy-to-use interconnect that would fit the application. By 1954, Radiall was producing 100,000 connectors per month.

Marquis Product

Radiall President Pierre Gattaz’s ambition is clearly stated: “Be the best and work for the best.” The company aims to supply the technology leaders across all of its target industries. Radiall has received awards from the likes of Airbus and Boeing (aerospace), L3 Communications, Harris, ITT Defense, Rockwell Collins, Thales (defense), and Motorola and Celestica (telecom).  These awards are primarily due to its coaxial connectors and multi-pin lines. However, this same quality and technological advance is present in all of its product lines.

Unique Expertise

Radiall’s mastery of key processes, such as digital modeling, electromagnetic and mechanical simulation, rapid prototyping, highly precise machining, and specialized plating and coating, as well as complex cutting, stamping, folding, rolling, and bending operations for all types of materials, allows it full control over the finish quality of all the components it sells. This expertise affords Radiall the flexibility needed to truly customize a design that is unique to the customer’s application and a key factor in assisting its customers to overcome obstacles in their design approach.

What’s Next?

In the coming year, Radiall will continue to focus on core strengths and technologies that enable its customers across all industries to find the most efficient, cutting-edge interconnect solutions, not only for today’s applications, but also for the road ahead.


World Headquarters:
25, Rue Madeleine VIONNET 93300 AUBERVILLIERS (Paris)

Tel. +33 1 49 35 35 35 –

Fax: +33 1 48 54 63 63

E-Mail: [email protected]


North America:
8950 South 52nd Street, Suite 401

Tempe, AZ 85284

Tel. +1 480.682.9400

Fax: 480-682-9403

E-Mail: [email protected]



SHANGHAI RADIALL Electronic Co., Ltd.
N° 390 Yong He Road 200072 – SHANGHAI

Tel. +86 21 66 52 37 88

Fax: +86 21 66 52 11 77

E-Mail: [email protected]

For a full list of Radiall locations and contacts, click here.

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