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By Connector Supplier | March 19, 2013

North American Headquarters Location: Lisle, IL, USA

The Big Picture: “’We are continually innovating and investing in new products, technologies, and markets. Molex also works closely with customers across the globe to support their innovative design challenges.”

About the Company

Molex is a leading one-source supplier of interconnect products. Its team of highly skilled experts is focused on the design, development, and distribution of innovative product solutions that touch virtually every walk of life. Its portfolio is among the world’s most extensive, with more than 100,000 reliable products, including everything from electronic, electrical, and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling. Established in 1938, the company operates 41 manufacturing locations in 15 countries.

At a Glance:

  • Established in 1938
  • Operates 41 manufacturing locations in 15 countries
  • Product portfolio contains more than 100,000 products

Notable Quotable:
“Molex designs, manufactures, and sells anywhere in the world.
We like to say you’re only 10 feet away from a Molex connector,
you just don’t know it.”

Product Offering

Molex offers a wide variety of interconnect products with a portfolio that includes everything from electrical and fiber optic interconnects to switches and application tooling. Molex serves customers in a variety of industries, including the telecom, datacom, computer/peripherals, automotive, premise wiring, industrial, consumer, medical, and military markets.

Markets Served

Molex delivers complete interconnect solutions for a number of markets including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, medical, military, and lighting.

Notable Quotable:
“Social media engagement monitoring is telling us that we are the Kleenex of the industry, outpacing our largest competitor four-to-one.”

Notable Achievement

Molex has been in business since 1938, and is known for its strong focus on continual innovation and growth to meet market requirements. The company evolved from a regional to global organizational structure to better meet the demands of customers worldwide., Molex’s blog site, is becoming an online meeting place for experts in the connector industry. Molex has consistently been in the top 10 of the “US Customer Survey of the Electronic Connector Industry” by Bishop & Associates since its inception 20 years ago.

Awards and Honors

  • Flextronics 2012 Mechanical Regional Supplier of the Year Award
  • DesignCon DesignVision Award 2011 – EXTreme Ten60Power
  • DesignCon DesignVision 2012 – EXTreme Guardian
  • Chicago Innovation Award – 2008 – Solder Charge SMT Technology
  • Chicago Innovation Award – 2010 – Circular MT Expanded Beam Interconnect Solution
  • Electronic Products of the Year 2009 – Solder Charge SMT Technology
  • Lightfair “Most Innovative Product of the Year” Award 2010 – Helieon Sustainable Light Module System by Bridgelux and Molex
  • Wistron Outstanding Vendor Award 2011

Customer Service

Molex leverages extensive worldwide resources to meet customer needs on a local, regional, and global level. Molex offers well-established sales, product development, manufacturing, and logistics resources in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Its engineering, development, and manufacturing capabilities are organized into three product divisions, all serviced by the Molex Global Sales and Marketing Division.

Social Media Highlights

Molex leverages social media as part of its marketing mix to reach and engage with its customers, prospects, partners, and employees. Our social media program includes the Molex YouTube channel, blog, Twitter feed, Facebook, YouKu channel, and more. The company ensures its social media program is deeply integrated into the marketing mix. By creating content that is leveraged through many channels, it is able to ensure a consistent message on a global scale. For example, acts as a social media hub for important industry content; the site brings together videos on Molex’s YouTube channel, Twitter feeds, industry-relevant content, and more. “Our seasoned team of industry experts shares insight on a variety of topics for many industries including automotive, industrial, medical, military, and more.”

Notable Quotable:
“We invest in programs that give us the opportunity to educate our customers and nurture our prospects, providing them with valuable information that supports their design projects.”


Molex Inc.
2222 Wellington Court
Lisle, IL 60532
Tel: 1 800-78MOLEX
Outside USA: (1) 630-969-4550
Fax: (1) 630-968-8356
Tlx: 254069
E-mail: [email protected]

Visit Molex online: blog
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