Updated: December 10th, 2019

Can the same connector be used in both through-hole reflow and surface-mount device processes? Weidmuller looks at how pin length can make all the difference in meeting the requirements of IPC-A-610 E.



Today’s PCB is a platform for electronic components that creates circuits varying from simple to highly sophisticated. Requirements such as the miniaturization of components, greater functional densities, and lower production costs have resulted in the trend to replace classic through-hole technology (THT) with surface-mount technology (SMT). Today, SMT is the method of choice – it has been widely adopted as the standard production technique for the surface mounting of electronic components.

The soldering technique used in the SMT process is reflow soldering, specifically infrared, convection, or vapor phase soldering. In contrast to the wave soldering process, a solder deposit applied to the PCB is melted. The device connection technology then c