Updated: September 3rd, 2021

The adoption of 5G devices comes with an increase in performance pressures for connector technologies. Miniature coaxial connector products in microstrip and stripline versions are rising to meet stringent performance, space, and cost objectives.

By Alan Kinningham, SI Design Team Manager, Travis Amrine, Global Industry Marketing Manager, and Adam Nagao, Signal Integrity Engineer – R&D, I-PEX Connectors coaxial

The installation of 5G networks is well underway and the significant computing demands these architectures exert will push the boundaries of current component technologies. These new pressures will need to be balanced with new connectivity solutions. Equipment and component makers are challenged to produce products that can deliver higher performance and higher-frequency operation in a cost- and size-constrained environment. The shadow of cost-containment looms large over every discussion of performance requirements. A successful product launch must satisfy each of